Lewat Flossy Posy Iqbal Aditya Geliatkan Bisnis Rangkai Bunga di Kota Kembang

Through Flossy Posy, Iqbal Aditya expands the flower arrangement business in the Flower City

The flower arranging business became Muhammad Iqbal Aditya Nuryasin's choice after completing his communications studies. From what was initially considered a hobby, he tried to develop it into a profitable business in Bandung. Iqbal even prepared himself by improving his skills and took flower arranging classes all the way to South Korea, specifically Lee Ju Yeon's Vaness Flower in South Korea.

In fact, Iqbal's flower arranging skills are not something he has just acquired. But it started to grow naturally when his grandmother regularly invited him to garden from a young age. Not only gardening, he also began to learn about flower arranging techniques from his grandmother. Iqbal then continued to hone his skills until they reached an advanced level.

Even though he is an expert, Iqbal is not immediately complacent. He also studied other aspects that could support a flower business, such as business strategy, planning, and so on.

Armed with his certification and expertise, Iqbal then started a freelance flower arranging business on Instagram under the name Flossy Posy . He produces various flower arrangement products, such as for weddings, graduations, table and garden decorations, and many more. Through Flossy Posy Iqbal hopes to be able to offer special and memorable gifts to his customers. Gifts of beauty, composition, and how they are arranged.

Unexpectedly, Iqbal's business went smoothly, encouraging him to do several more businesses. One of them is by holding various workshops to introduce the art of flower arranging to the public. He teaches various techniques starting from Korean Style, Garden Style, to table setting. Apart from that, the Padjadjaran University graduate also opened private flower arranging classes for those who want to learn more intensely.

In his journey, achieving marketing targets and knowing what the market really wants is the most challenging thing for Iqbal. Because, just like the flower fashion business, it also has its own trends which change very rapidly all the time. So, in order to maintain a business well, a strategy is needed that is in line with market desires. Iqbal also emphasized that the core business he built was not just selling flower arrangements. However, through the medium of flowers, how can this be transformed into an activity to accompany special moments for customers.

From his various efforts, Iqbal underlined that the key to him being able to continue to develop together with Flossy Posy is being able to adapt to developing trends. These trends include changes in flower variants, techniques, and continuously changing color choices. That ability to adapt is what makes Flossy Posy one of the most popular flower arrangement businesses in the country.

Champion in the First International Competition

Iqbal's various efforts have resulted in him being awarded several awards, for example at the national flower arranging competition in 2019. Apart from that, he was also recorded as winning the international flower arranging competition in his first participation. To be precise, in 2018, Iqbal took part in an amateur flower arranging competition at the 11th International FDSS Cup, Floral Designing Competition, Singapore Garden Festival.

There Iqbal visualized the urban jungle through flower arrangements with unique designs. With the theme of balance, he displays works that resemble pendulums. Various orchids such as vanda, phalaenopsis, cymbidium and oncidium 'golden shower' decorated the soccer ball which was made into a vase by Iqbal.

That first experience made Iqbal even more confident. Invitations to collaborate began to arrive.

Iqbal then concluded that, like other creative businesses, the flower arrangement business also has great potential. The products can be used for all occasions, making this business continue to thrive and develop quickly. Apart from that, the flower arrangement business has also shifted to follow trends in other creative industries, starting from the flower materials used, the way the flowers are arranged, to the choice of colors represented by the flowers. The key for Iqbal is to keep trying and not give up before the final point of effort.

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