Macam-macam Teknik Fotografi Yang Perlu Kamu Tahu

Various Photography Techniques You Need to Know

Photography is now an increasingly popular activity. Especially since the arrival of Instagram, many people are increasingly encouraged to show their shots to the public. The motives are varied, they can be purely as a means of expression through visuals, to care for memories, and also for business, such as making it into a portfolio or place to sell products.

Are you one of those interested in photography? You can also become a reliable photographer by continuing to practice. Apart from that, you also need to know various developing photography techniques. This will make your shots more varied.

The following are photography techniques that you need to know.

  • Long Exposure
  • If translated, long exposure means long exposure. This technique allows the camera to open the shutter longer, thereby allowing more light to enter the sensor. Apart from that, this technique can also be applied by maximizing the ISO value.

    The long exposure technique will give the photo a dramatic effect. A quite popular example is a photo that shows a light trail in low light conditions.

  • Blurring
  • The blurring technique is used to produce images that appear blurry or vague. To produce blurry photos, on a digital camera you need to set a slow shutter speed and a narrow aperture. In this way, the photo results will be in accordance with what is expected.

  • Macros
  • The macro photo technique is carried out by highlighting the photo at a very close distance so that the object looks very large. This technique is usually used to photograph small animals or plants. To produce interesting photos, you need to play with the composition by using a special perspective.

  • Panning
  • Panning is a technique for photographing moments on a fast moving object with the camera moving to follow the object's aim. As a result, moving objects will look sharp while still backgrounds will appear blurry or hazy. To get maximum results, use a low speed and also a tripod for maximum image results.

    This technique is quite difficult for beginners to do. However, by continuing to practice, it is not impossible that you can use this technique to produce satisfactory image results.

  • Silhouette
  • Just like the meaning, the silhouette technique means making the photo look like a shadow. Sunset is believed to be the best time to take silhouette photos. Because this technique relies on taking photos by utilizing dark and light zones that are very contrasting.

    In order to master this technique, you need to pay attention to the direction of the light, use the shutter speed, and choose the right exposure.

  • Freezing
  • Freezing is a technique used to photograph objects moving at high speed. The results of this technique make objects that are actually moving appear to stop at a certain moment. The freezing technique is commonly used by sports and media photographers to capture very fast moments.

    To apply it, you need to set the shutter speed in a fast position and the appropriate ISO. In this way, a maximum image of the object will be obtained.

  • Minimalist
  • Minimalist techniques are synonymous with simplicity. This technique explores an object between more dominant negative spaces. The key is to choose a specific object that you can explore through the camera. The more careful you are in choosing objects, the simplicity displayed can carry a strong message to anyone who sees it.

    In terms of process, it is not as difficult as other techniques. However, from the idea aspect, you need to think carefully about what concept you will bring. The more often you practice, the more accustomed you will be to finding ideas that are out of the box.

  • Black and White
  • As the name suggests, the black and white (BW) technique will produce photos that only consist of black and white. This technique is a mainstay when someone wants to create a classic, pure and historical impression, for example in sacred wedding photos.

    To get BW photos, you can do this by adjusting the settings on your camera, for example by using RAW format and applying a low ISO. You can also get it through the editing process.

  • High and Low Angles
  • This photo technique relies on taking an angle on an object. Therefore, as the name suggests, high angle is a technique for taking photos from a position above or higher than the object. This technique is often used to photograph books, food, and so on. Meanwhile low angle is taking photos from the bottom corner of the object. This technique is commonly used for architectural photos.

  • Panorama
  • The panorama technique is a method used to take wide photos. Generally, this technique is used to photograph landscapes or areas as a whole. You can apply this technique with a digital camera or cellphone that has a panorama feature.

    For digital cameras, you can use a wide lens measuring 18-55mm or 18-200mm so you can cover the entire area or wide photos. Then, if you use a cellphone camera, the panorama technique works by combining several images you took. As a result, the photo will appear wider than the default photo size.

    Those are ten photography techniques that you need to know, some are easy, some are easy, some are difficult. Therefore, keep practicing until you find the right touch to apply various photography techniques.

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