Manfaat Magang bagi Mahasiswa dan Fresh Graduate

Benefits of Internships for Students and Fresh Graduates

In the world of work, internship experience is something that companies really consider when recruiting new employees who are fresh graduates. Internship experience will provide plus value for applicants amidst increasingly tight competition for jobs.

Armed with internship experience, fresh graduates are considered to have experienced working in the real world of work. Some of the skills needed have been honed beforehand so that in the future it will not be difficult to adapt to a new company.

For those of you who are fresh graduates or who are still students, it is time to equip yourself by taking part in an internship program before actually getting a permanent job. Internships will provide various benefits for future career continuity. What are the benefits?

Experience in a Real Working Environment

The world of work is basically very different from the world of college. For example, when you go to college you can still be late or miss class several times. However, if you do it in the world of work, it is something that is not justified. You will be considered unprofessional so you may not pass the trial period or your contract may not be renewed by the company.

Therefore, it is important for you to feel like you are in a real work environment, before actually entering the world of work. By joining an internship program, you will train you to adapt to many things, such as dealing with superiors or colleagues, working hours, workload, and much more.

Improve Interpersonal Abilities

When you experience the climate of the world of work, that's where you have the opportunity to improve your interpersonal skills or soft skills. Interpersonal skills include several aspects, including:

  • Verbal communication
  • Work ethic
  • Time management
  • Team work
  • Ability to solve problems and make decisions
  • Ability to deal with pressure
  • Negotiation skills

If you have mastered these skills, you will no longer be awkward or have difficulty adapting when you work full time later. You can immediately focus on achieving the various career goals you set.

Get to know career paths

An internship will make you more familiar with the career path of the field you will be pursuing later. From there, you can start making a list of what you need to prepare to take that career path. With thorough preparation, you will open up opportunities to climb the career ladder quickly.

Adding Connections

When you enter the world of internships, you will meet many people from various backgrounds and position levels. You can start interacting with them to absorb knowledge about the field you are working in at that time.

Building connections with many parties will automatically open you up to various opportunities. It could be that, when they need someone in the field you specialize in, they will immediately think of your name. Therefore, don't forget to continue to maintain good relations with them.

Opportunity to be Recruited Immediately after Graduation

Well, this benefit often occurs in several places. The company recruits interns who have good performance to work directly there. Therefore, during your internship you need to continue learning and show maximum performance to get this career opportunity.

Well, those are the five benefits of internships that students and fresh graduates can get. As the saying goes, "sometimes we fail not because we don't have potential, but because we lack preparation," so use your internship time to equip yourself as much and as well as possible.

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