Melihat Ragam Desain Produk yang Unik dan Kreatif

See a variety of unique and creative product designs

Creativity is something that is unlimited. Each person has different creative powers based on the experiences they have gone through. Including in the field of product design, there are various works that amaze you and perhaps you would never have thought of before. These products still have utility value, but come with unusual designs, such as hedgehog-shaped fork holders, knitting tables made from used tires, and many more examples.

By seeing unique and creative product designs, this will stimulate the brain to find interesting new ideas. Well, this is a good thing for those of you who are having trouble finding ideas.

The following is a unique product design reference that you can see and observe.

Cocoon Hanging Chair

This hanging chair resembling a cocoon or silkworm cocoon is the work of South African designer, Porky Hefer. Hefer gave it a bit of humor by adding "eyes" and holes on the side of the chair that you could put your hands through so it looked like an animated character when someone was sitting on it.

Apart from this cocoon chair, Hefer is also popular for other unique and creative designs, for example this pie chart table.

To see Hefer's other work, you can visit the site.

Human-Resembling Bulb Creations

This bulb that looks like two children playing on a swing is the work of Croatian artist Ivan Cvitkovic. He uses wood material which makes his bulb creations look classic and unique.

Cvitkovic has various kinds of bulb creations which he markets via the site

“Crocodile” Fruit Basket

Apart from product designers from abroad, Indonesia also has design talent that is recognized worldwide. One of them is Adhi Nugraha, a lecturer at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Of his various unique and creative works, the fruit basket design that resembles a crocodile's stomach is quite eye-catching. This basket can be used for various fruits that are not recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, such as bananas, oranges and pineapples.

Through his Instagram , Adhi actively shares the product designs he creates. For example, a rocking horse toy made of rattan and pine. This creation looks different compared to similar products made from artificial materials.

Manga Chairs and “Cabbage” Chairs

This is one of 50 manga chairs designed by veteran Japanese designer, Oki Sato. Manga chairs were designed as a tribute to manga, which was Sato's favorite since childhood.

Not just one, but Sato designed 50 manga chairs that represent every time, history and emotion. The design process was inspired by simple everyday life stories.

Apart from the Manga chair Sato which is quite famous worldwide, he is also famous for designing minimalist products. One of them is like the following "cabbage" chair.

These are a variety of unique and creative product designs from designers from various corners of the world. They create products with specific uses through unusual designs. So, how inspired are you by their work?

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