Memahami Deadliner, “si Pencari Sensasi”

Understanding the Deadliner, “The Thrill Seeker”

Some people choose to do assignments as the deadline approaches. The reason is because that's when the brain is more challenged and lots of ideas emerge so that the task can be completed quickly. It's different when working on a task long ago, your mind will feel slow and inspiration will be difficult to appear. Are you one of the adherents of this habit? If so, indirectly you could be "The Sensation Seeker" aka the sensation seeker.

Referring to Psychology Today, a sensation seeker is someone who tends to pursue sensations, feelings and experiences that are new and different from normal habits. On the one hand, this sensation can provide a pleasant experience, but on the other hand it is quite risky. Even so, that is not a hindrance. Sensation seekers remain driven to conquer challenges and absorb every new experience.

Deadliners are one of the most common groups of sensation seekers. They tend to like working during injury time or times of panic, such as a few hours or a day before a deadline. Some deadliners admitted that they had not planned such a tight work pattern. This comes naturally when they get assignments.

So, which team are you on? Deadliner or not?

On the one hand, deadlines are seen as a positive thing because they can make someone more focused because their mind is only focused on one task. As a result, many creative ideas emerge so that tasks can be completed quickly. In short, under time pressure they are actually more productive.

However, does everything really work with a deadline system? In reality, it is often difficult for creative ideas to emerge when work is approaching its deadline. In a hurry, someone tends to complete tasks as is, aka only to fulfill obligations so that the resulting output is not optimal.

Besides that, the health side is sometimes something that is often ignored by deadliners. Even though health is one of the most valuable things. Most deadliners complete their work by staying up all night so they don't get enough sleep. This is certainly not good for your health because it is no longer a secret that people who don't get enough sleep are more susceptible to heart disease. Apart from that, lack of sleep also makes a person more at risk of suffering from diabetes, stroke, obesity, cancer, and mental health problems, such as mood disorders and anxiety. If this is the case, this will actually affect our performance in the long term in the future.

Therefore, even though deadlines present an interesting sensation, it is best to still have good time management at work.

So, so you don't get stuck in the habit of constantly being a deadliner, you can apply the following tricks:

Create a To Do List

A to do list will help you so that you don't miss any work. On the other hand, this will also motivate you to immediately complete the tasks at hand. Because, when more and more to do lists are attached, you might feel uncomfortable or disturbed.

Create a Priority Scale

At one time, you may have several tasks that need to be completed. Create a priority scale by looking at the deadline and urgency. For example, whether the task is important and urgent or important but not urgent.

Use the (10+2)x 5 System

This work system, which was first introduced by Merlin Mann, can help you get rid of the habit of procrastinating. In one day, you can work 10 minutes then rest 2 minutes. Repeat this method 5 times so that it doesn't feel like you have worked productively.

Put your device away

Your device could be the reason you become a deadliner. Therefore, when tasks start coming in, start to minimize the use of gadgets if they are not related to work. This will make you more focused and produce maximum output.

Get close to friends who are working

It cannot be denied, the environment can influence your motivation to complete work. If you are close to a relaxed environment, you may not be motivated to complete your tasks immediately. Meanwhile, if you are around colleagues who are serious about work, more or less it will encourage you to do the same thing.

So, do you understand enough about the "sensation seeker" deadline? After reading it, do you want to keep trying or leave it?

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