Memulai Bisnis di Usia Muda, Siapa Takut? Ini Langkahnya

Starting a Business at a Young Age, Who's Afraid? These are the steps

Starting a business at a young age? No need to worry? Nowadays, many young people are starting small to large scale businesses. The product range is also wide, some have even been exported to other countries.

So, now it's your turn to start a business at a young age. In the beginning, there were a lot of doubts and mistakes. But after doing it, you will explore and learn a lot.

So rich experience, right? So, how do you start a business at a young age? Summarized from Young on Top and My Financial, here are the methods.

1. Do more research

Maybe you will feel embarrassed, because many friends your age have started businesses at a young age. But, if you keep comparing, it doesn't start to get any better.

So, to reduce the feeling of insecurity a little, try to do more research. You can start from the business you want to run. For example, you want to open a custom HP casing business using resin media.

Try digging on TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest. From there, you can get references about which cellphones can be customized with casings , drawing styles and colors.

2. Make up your mind and have the intention

Lots of research but not starting, that's normal. Maybe you are doubtful or afraid, or even you are really calculating about the costs needed to get started. That's very natural!

However, talking about determination and intention is necessary. The thing is, this determination and intention will be the main fuel that will make you consistent in running your business. Especially, when you go bankrupt or your business doesn't go according to expectations.

3. Find a mentor or friend for networking

For this part, you will face it. There are times when you need friends for networking, there are also times when you need a mentor to be a kind of reviewer or guide.

You could say, this mentor or friend will be the person who will remind you or give you ideas that you can apply. Where do you get mentors and friends? It could be from the entrepreneur community, social media, or even YouTube.

Psst, invite them to collaborate. They will be happy as long as it benefits both parties.

4. Start a business (it's okay to start a small business)

Now, this is the most important part, namely starting a business. Even from a small business, it's okay. You don't always start big.

The goal is so that you can monitor the development of your business. Apart from that, you also feel happy with the process up to execution.

It's simple, you can start a joint venture with streaming accounts such as Netflix, Spotify, or Youtube Premium. Armed with trust, security of personal data, and fast response, your business can become big. Do you want to try it or not?

5. Keep working forward, there is still a long way to go

The sustainability of your business is not just for today. But later, until you feel you can leave the business without your supervision (that is, you can recruit people like that, you know).

So, just continue your efforts. Because starting a business at a young age is not about being cool and showing off your prestige. It's a shame that you have invested time, energy and people in your business, but instead it was destroyed because of prestige.

So, when did you start a business at a young age?

Let's start from now on! So you can enjoy the results later. Spirit!

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