Mendalami Seni Konseptual Bersama Gracella Haryadi

Exploring Conceptual Art with Gracella Haryadi

Have you ever walked into a museum and found lots of installations that seemed to be arranged randomly, irregularly and haphazardly?

Surely I have. It's natural for us to feel confused until the creator explains the meaning behind the installation he created, complete with the message he wants to convey. It is a part of art known as conceptual art, or that which focuses on the meaning behind a display or object.

This time we will get to know one of the country's young people who is interested in studying conceptual art, named Gracella Haryadi. Not long after graduating from college, he decided to move to Bali and start his journey as an artist there. What is the overall success story? Find the answer in the selected articles that we have neatly presented only at KARENA.ID.

Conveying Ideas Through Pictures

Gracella Haryadi, or who is familiarly called Chea, admitted that she really enjoyed socializing. He likes interacting, exchanging ideas, expressing feelings to each other. Because from there we can usually provide support to each other. Usually, after listening to someone confide in him, Chea will respond to his ideas through drawings.

Chea feels more comfortable choosing this method because according to Chea, images are a universal language. In contrast to language which gives us boundaries because there are always differences, a picture of an object does not need a name to be understood. For example, when he wants to provide support, Chea will give a picture of a rainbow. Without mentioning the name of the rainbow, we all already know it is a rainbow. From this, Chea feels that there are many other things he can explore through drawing or painting.

Chea admitted that he had regularly enjoyed drawing since he was 12. At that time, Japanese comics were popular. Chea didn't forget to fall in love with him. However, as he grew older, when he had many other activities, Chea was forced to stop pursuing his hobby of drawing.

While studying for a major in interior design, Chea only focused on drawing his coursework. Until one day during his internship trip to Sri Lanka, with a piece of paper and a black ink pen, Chea was able to return to fulfilling his life's calling, namely drawing.

Images are a universal language.

Changing Course Midway

Often many people choose to play it safe. So, in the middle of the journey, we ignore the call to life from within and continue our routine along conventional paths, which clearly provide security. Chea is not included in that group. After graduating from college, instead of looking for a job so he could live a financially stable life, Chea actually changed course to fulfill his life's calling. Graduating from an interior design major, Chae undertook a cultural exchange program to two countries. From Bali, Chea went to Malaysia, then Sri Lanka, before returning to Jakarta.

In Malaysia, Chea read a book that advised him to write two wills. The first will he had to write was for the version of himself who lived his life in a safe zone. Meanwhile, he wrote the second will for the version of himself who lives following his passion. When writing the second will, Chea felt a completely different energy. In the second will, Chea felt more alive and he knew that the second choice would give him the opportunity to leave behind something much more valuable. This experience then gave Chea the courage to solidify his choice in fulfilling his calling in life.

Supported by supportive parents, after completing the cultural exchange program Chea flew and settled in Bali. The first two months, Chea only knew two people. Chea took the courage to create a social environment by interacting with foreigners, making them pictures of his work. At that time, Chea started his business, namely hand painting jackets. Chea thinks that art and fashion are two worlds which, when combined, will produce values ​​that are well accepted by the market. So, Chea painted on the jacket fabric.

Chea did not immediately receive a positive response. Initially, when they saw Chea's works, people advised Chea to learn to use more colors. Because Chea's work is in black and white, in accordance with the moment Chea returned to drawing in Sri Lanka, using only a pen and paper. However, when he forced himself to draw with color, Chea admitted that he did not find himself in the work. Finally Chea decided to draw in color only for client commissioned projects. Meanwhile, for his personal projects, Chea is comfortable exploring monochrome nuances, or a combination of black and white.

Art and Fashion are 2 worlds, which when combined will produce values ​​that are well received in the market.

Consistent and Responsible for Choices

Maybe you are curious about how Chea got her parents' approval. Because, for Chea, parental approval is the most important thing we must pay attention to. To get it, Chea needs to show consistency first in the field he is interested in, until he succeeds in showing concrete results. These concrete results are the responsibility that Chea fulfills for the choices he makes. Because many people make a choice, but cannot be responsible and consistent with their own choices.

Apart from that, Chea also advised friends who have the same interests as him to continue learning and exploring. Every day, Chea usually implements 3 targets that he will study that day. This is an effort made by Chea to become an original content creator. Chea understands that his work cannot be perfect instantly.

That was something he could only achieve through practice. So, when he is not busy with client work, Chea spends his time practicing drawing. Plus learning about other elements of business that he currently hasn't fully mastered. Chea asks a lot of questions from the people around her who are willing to help her and continue to inspire her.

Talking about inspiration, for Chea, Salvador Dali is his role model painter. Through Salvador Dali, Chea became aware that a painter had the opportunity to manipulate the shape of an object and that was where Chea could express his imagination.

To this day, Chea never regrets moving to Bali to become an entrepreneur whose products are the result of his idealistic work.

Witnessing Chea's courage, we might be inspired to have the courage to do something that we have been postponing for so long.

Thank you for reading one of the articles based on our inspirational figures this time. Continue to follow other inspiring stories only at KARENA.ID.

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