Menemukan Inspirasi dengan Beraktivitas di Luar Ruangan

Finding Inspiration by Doing Outdoor Activities

Inspiration usually comes from a creative thinking process. However, there are times when it is quite difficult to start thinking creatively or consistently implementing it afterwards. This problem is actually not without a solution, because there are several activities, especially outdoors, which have been proven to increase creativity so that they can give birth to various inspirations.

Want to know more? Here are ten outdoor activities that have been proven to help you find inspiration.

  • Exercising
  • Psychologically, the more your body moves, the more ideas flow in your mind. This is because the body produces Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a protein that helps improve the brain's cognitive function, when exercising. Not only that, regular exercise can also reduce a person's stress.

    Well, some of the sports recommended by experts include running, fast/leisure walking, interval training, tai chi, and many more.

  • Visit the Art Museum
  • When visiting a museum, you will try to expand your imagination and way of thinking to interpret the works there. Indirectly, you will also get ideas that you may not have thought of at the beginning and can be processed into new ideas.

    You can visit various museums in Indonesia, starting from history, maritime, modern art, culinary, textile and so on.

  • Go to a New Restaurant
  • Not just trying the taste of the food, but the restaurant's concept, such as design (interior/exterior), color, and the story behind its presence has the potential to stimulate creativity. The restaurant atmosphere is much more relaxed and conducive and will bring a new feeling to you. That will make it easier to find new ideas that you never thought of before.

  • Go Back to Nature
  • In this era of abundance of information, the mind often gets tired easily. By getting closer to nature, your mind will become calmer so it will be easier to produce fresh ideas. In fact, various studies state that spending time in nature can reduce levels of stress, depression and anxiety.

    To return to nature, you don't actually need to go far. You can also do this by leaving the house and soaking up the sun in the morning, walking into the urban forest near your house, and so on.

  • Explore Companies or Bookstores
  • So, the following activities can be a source of abundant inspiration for you. Apart from the calm situation, there are various books that you can read in the library or bookstore. There are various book titles from various authors that can add to your perspective

    You can also go to shelves with themes that you have never visited at all. Because, who knows, you might find completely new inspiration.

  • Gardening
  • According to research results in the United States , spending time gardening has been proven to reduce levels of depression and anxiety. By watering various existing plants, it will trigger the brain to release the hormone serotonin so that it can improve your mood or become a mood booster. Well, in this condition, it will be easier for you to get inspiration.

    To do this, you can make a small garden in front of the house. Choose some suitable plants and make sure they will get enough sunlight so they won't wilt quickly.

  • Watching the Cinema
  • Who says watching cinema is just for entertainment? This can also be a source of inspiration for you through the various elements displayed in the film. For example, this is inspiring from the storyline, dialogue, characters, setting, or new places shown that can make you feel new.

  • Bicycle
  • It's no secret that cycling is good for physical health, such as helping heart fitness, burning calories, and so on. Behind that, cycling is actually also good for mental health. When cycling, that's where it triggers the release of endorphins that make you feel comfortable. Inspiration will also be easier to get.

    Plus, the fresh air from the route you are taking will increase your enthusiasm and make you more energetic.

  • Road Trip
  • The three things you will usually get from a road trip are adventure, reflection, and lessons. When exploring some places, that's where you can learn about different traditions or new ideas. Your mind, body and spirit can be refreshed.

    Along the way you can also listen to songs. Turn off notifications on your cellphone and focus on feeling the beauty around you.

  • Meet Someone New
  • So far you have probably spent a lot of time only with the same people, for example family, colleagues or friends. Try to get out of that comfort zone and start meeting new people.

    You can find them through communities, taking classes, or even just random people on the street you ask to have a small talk with. From there you will get information, perspectives, and possibly new ideas. Interesting right?

    Those are ten outdoor activities that can help you find inspiration. So, which activities are you planning in the near future?

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