Mengemas Image Sebuah Film Bersama Nazira C Noer

Packaging the Image of a Film with Nazira C Noer

So far, every time an Indonesian film is released, we are usually treated to posters and trailers, or short clips in the form of scenes taken from a complete film.

Nazira C Noer, founder of a film publicist called Poplicist, said that film posters and trailers are one of the tools used to communicate the film to the public.

How should a film be received? How to increase the number of viewers? These are all duties of film publicists in the Indonesian film industry scheme. Check out Nazira's journey regarding the ins and outs of her profession as a publicist only on KARENA.ID

Path Opened by Mira Lesmana Through the film 'Atirah'

Initially, Nazira, or who is familiarly called Bubu, thought that publicity was a profession that linked films to world-class festivals. This made him interested in getting to know more and studying the science of publicity in the world of film. Apparently, after getting into it, Bubu realized that it was the job of the director, producer and distributor. Even though her suspicions were wrong, Nazira admitted that being a film publicist was a job that excited her. It feels like doing something fun and getting paid.

Bubu's journey in the world of film publicity began with the opportunity offered by Mira Lesmana. At that time, Mira was about to release the film Atirah and entrusted Bubu to help her with publicity needs. Through this opportunity, Bubu admitted, he learned many things and succeeded in developing the publicist he built with two friends; Vivi Coaster, graduate of MRA Group and Ivan Makhsara, journalist from Rolling Stone. In a year, they usually only handle 2 film titles.

Now, their publicists can project as many as 12 titles a year, or even 3 titles a month. Bubu observed this as an awareness among filmmakers in Indonesia who are starting to realize the involvement of publicists in the films they make. Films are no longer considered a product that can be released without the help of a publicist, they are starting to realize that positioning in the process is also important.

Doing something that makes you enthusiastic, like doing something that is fun and gets paid.

Communication is the Main Key

Bubu said that his profession as a film publicist is all about communication. In his work, communication is the main key. Starting from communication with the director and producer just before the film starts shooting, until when the film is released. Before shooting, ideally, a press conference should be held with the media crew so that the public knows that a film is being produced. In this way, Bubu is trying to build awareness regarding the film from scratch.

During the production period, Bubu will determine the image the film will have. Of course, the character or soul of the film must match the reputation that will be developed. For example, when working on a horror film project, it is Bubu's job to ensure that people don't view it as a romantic comedy.

After production, Bubu and the team will work hard to prepare the release program. Including ensuring that the film will be filled with audiences at least at the end of the first screening. Because films are released every Thursday, that means Bubu has 3 to 4 days to keep the audience traffic busy. This is because films that lack audiences will immediately be removed by cinema managers. The competition is not only local films. But also Hollywood films which have the majority market in Indonesia.

With good communication between teams, Bubu believes, the strategies implemented by publicists will help the success of a film in society.

When asked how Bubu mastered the techniques required for publicity, Bubu answered that he had been self-taught. Of course, his family background, especially his father and mother, who are senior filmmakers in Indonesia, helped him a lot, but Bubu said that his success today was achieved from the hard work and persistence he has put in all this time.

Being a film publicist still uses the standards applied in the world of marketing, but the product is a film. Which of course requires a different approach compared to marketing for other products.

"Good communication between teams will lead a film to success!"

Try Everything

Starting from a beautiful childhood with both parents, Bubu feels that he has the freedom to explore his life. When he was in high school, Bubu received a school basis in America and continued his law studies at Trisakti. Feeling unsuitable for this major, Bubu moved to the University of Indonesia to major in broadcasting.

Still feeling like he didn't fit his passion, Bubu finally found his calling at IKJ, studying directing techniques. Previously, Bubu had made a short film which was produced by Nia Dinata and entered into a prestigious world-class film festival. The long film he wants to realize is still a plan. He feels that currently this is not a priority.

To find out what we really like, Bubu advised, there is no other way than to try everything. Because through these experiments, we will gain experience which will then be useful for finding out our personal passions. Not long ago, Bubu even contacted director Joko Anwar to join in the musical drama project he was working on, even though Bubu admitted he couldn't sing. Apparently, Bubu got a role in the drama that didn't require him to sing.

In pursuing a career, never hesitate to start from the bottom. The same thing was done by Bubu and all other successful people. Because the process we go through will provide invaluable lessons that will be useful in our future lives. Do you think you can imagine where you will start your career? In what field? Read other inspiring articles from selected figures only at KARENA.ID.

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