Mengenal Dinda Puspitasari, Fashion Illustrator Muda dengan Karya Penuh Warna

Get to know Dinda Puspitasari, a young fashion illustrator with colorful work

The name Dinda Puspitasari is no stranger to the world of Indonesian illustration. At a young age, he succeeded in producing various world-famous works. He is recorded as having collaborated with well-known brands, such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel Beauty, Fendi, Colorbox, Wardah, Kérastase, Tiffany & Co, and many more.

Apparently, Dinda has had a great interest in art and fashion since the 2nd grade of elementary school. From her interest, she then studied Advertising at the University of Indonesia and graduated in 2010. Before pursuing the world of illustrator full time, the woman from Jakarta worked at a communications agency as an account executive. In the midst of her busy schedule, entering 2013, Dinda tried to build her own fashion brand, namely 'Curious' and actively wrote a blog. At that time he got his first illustration client.

Getting her first client was like changing the course of Dinda's life. This woman, who loves Japanese culture, has had a great passion for drawing and making colorful sketches for a long time. Dinda enjoys trying new things and letting her ideas flow. However, he only really seriously thought about working as an illustrator when his first client arrived.

Even so, Dinda did not immediately become a full-time illustrator. Because he is aware that working as an artist requires a strong network and financial foundation. Thus, he went on to work at a startup in a non-creative field for a year.

It was only at the end of 2015 that Dinda retired from her day job and started working full time as a fashion illustrator. It didn't take long for him to immediately get offers of live drawings with luxury brands . Dinda also holds several workshops on tips for DIY projects, drawing and calligraphy for small groups or brands .

Prior to that, Dinda was recorded as having published and illustrated several book series, one of which was #88LOVELIFE , by her friend, Diana Rikasari. This book was considered a great success because it sold more than 120 thousand copies, not only in Indonesia but also in Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, France, the United States, England and others. This book was also awarded an award from MPH Malaysia for Best Non-Fiction Book in 2016 and in the top 10 best selling books at Gramedia throughout Indonesia.

For now, Dinda is focused on building a brand of merchandise and knick-knacks through Dinda Puspitasari Studio (DPS). This studio was founded in 2018 to become a medium for Dinda to connect with a wider audience through her illustrations. In general, cute, colorful and girly illustrations are the hallmark of Dinda's works. He really likes various patterns, such as flowers and green plants. His inspiration comes from various things, such as films and Japan.

Dinda Puspitasari's Art Tips

To consistently produce neat and unique works, Dinda has several tips that you can also apply, including:

  • When your mind is stuck, the solution doesn't necessarily have to be shopping or wasting money. For Dinda, when she is drawing and her mind suddenly gets stuck, she overcomes it by sleeping for 1-2 hours or taking a shower. After waking up, he felt his mind was fresh again so he could go back to drawing.
  • In creating art, according to Dinda, the key is not to just look for likes on social media, but to focus more on yourself and how to improve your abilities. According to Dinda, as an illustrator there are various skills that need to continue to be developed, such as color selection skills, line techniques, and many more.
  • As a creative worker, Dinda tries to create her own characteristics. Don't draw but the resulting work is like copying someone else's work. Therefore, try experimenting with new things and continue to improve your abilities.
  • When creating, for Dinda it is important to think through the idea process carefully, so you don't just focus on the execution. Continue to appreciate your process of creating ideas so that it will minimize your work being similar to other people's.

That's a glimpse of Dinda Puspitasari's profile and her secret to becoming a reliable illustrator at a young age. It's not impossible that you can also become a great illustrator. The key is to continue to be confident and experiment while continuing to improve your abilities.

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