Mengenal Lebih Dalam tentang Studio Desain Grafis

Get to know more about the Graphic Design Studio

There are various reasons why someone opens a graphic design studio. Most of them start from the opportunities in this field which are quite large, for example potential clients who need graphic design services. It cannot be denied that graphic design services are currently much sought after to support product and event marketing and also convey information through attractive visual content.

Through a graphic design studio, there are several benefits you can get, such as strengthening and expanding good relationships with clients. When someone doesn't have a studio, maybe when a lot of requests come in they can't all be handled. The existence of a graphic design studio staffed by several designers could be a solution to this problem. This can also communicate graphic values ​​to many people.

So what is your own graphic design studio like?

Generally graphic design studios are founded by someone with a designer background. However, in some conditions there are also those founded by those who do not come from a design background but then collaborate with designers. In a graphic design studio there are various designers with various specializations. This is needed because of the various needs of clients, such as for advertising, magazines, products, and much more.

To support the designers, there are several people who work as content specialists, copywriters and web developers who also provide support. They help conceptualize from start to finish into an attractive design.

In Indonesia, graphic studios have been developing for decades. The following are several studios in Indonesia that are quite popular among the public.

  • LeBoYe
  • LeBoYe is a graphic design studio located in Kemang, South Jakarta. This studio was founded by Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil in the late 1990s. Along the way, LeBoYe always develops fresh new approaches and challenges "standard" industry conventions and formats. With each new assignment, LeBoYe strives to continually develop designs that not only meet each client's needs and goals, but also to birth projects that communicate a new spirit and soul beyond color and every draw of line.

    Apart from driving the design business, LeBoYe opens up opportunities for visits, such as design students who come to gain new knowledge.

    This graphic design studio is noted to have won several awards, such as from Communications Arts, Type Director Club of New York, and cover design publications at Novum Gerachsgraphics, Germany. LeBoYe was also invited to take part in several exhibitions abroad, such as Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Toronto, including the exhibition "The Energy of Asian Design" with 13 other famous designers from all over Asia.

  • Karyarupa
  • Karyarupa is a graphic design studio based in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. This studio provides various design services for editorial, illustration, marketing tools, packaging, web design, and much more. Some of Karyarupa's clients are well-known brands, such as Flip Burger, Grand Ambarrukmo, Pepper Lunch Australia, Hellobali, and so on.

    In designing a product, Karyarupa has the principle of making a brand more alive. They do this by enriching people's interactions with images and adding special value to the design.

  • Sciencewerk
  • From the city of Pahlawan, Surabaya, Sciencewerk is one of the leading design studios. This studio was founded by Danis Sie in 2011. Sciencewerk focuses on working on identity design, packaging, wayfinding, illustrations, websites and others.

    As a graphic design studio, Sciencewerk is committed to forming a collective environment through collaboration with creative individuals from various disciplines to explore the possibilities of combining design, art and technology.

    Apart from the three names above, there are still many graphic design studios operating in various cities in the country. The increasing number of studios is nothing more than a response to the demands of the ever-evolving era.

    So, are you also interested in working or even opening a graphic design studio? Of course, this is not impossible because the opportunities are quite wide open. The key is to keep practicing and diligently seeking information from studios that are currently developing.

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