Mengenal Product Development Lebih Jauh dari Angger Wiranata

Get to know more about Product Development from Angger Wiranata

Angger Wiranata, Chief of Product Development DUS DUK DUK , is a product design graduate of the Surabaya Institute of Technology. Starting with his dream of majoring in graphic design, he was actually accepted into the product design major which brought him to the success he is today.

Even though it is different from the desired major, Angger feels lucky to be accepted into the ITS product design major. According to him, product design not only uses creativity as a basis for art, but also the ability to conceptualize ideas so that the product has maximum useful function.

To find out more about the process of making a product and what Angger Wiranata does, let's look at the points below!

What is Angger Wiranata's product design major like?

Product design itself is a major that makes a designer capable of designing various products or communication media by paying attention to useful values ​​as well as aesthetic values. The product designed is a solution and is beneficial for society as the product's target market. Product design itself is included in the industrial arts, examples of which are fashion , transportation design , and furniture design .

What kind of work does Angger Wiranata do in the field of Product Development?

Product development is the process of developing a product starting from the idea, concept, design, to marketing the product into a new product or a product that is undergoing rebranding. In the product development process, skills are needed that need to be explored, such as design, manufacturing, engineering, distribution, marketing and sales. The stages themselves are divided into three, namely ideas, research and promotion.

When developing a product, development research and regulatory research are needed so that the product can be successfully produced and released according to market interest. The work process of product development itself requires three aspects combined in order to produce products that customers like, namely creativity, discovery/innovation, and ideas.

In relation to product development , product designers are one of the jobs that are part of the product development team itself. Designers have a role to illustrate the concepts and ideas that have been created. The realization of product illustrations that have been created is also part of the product designer's work. The designer's knowledge and expertise in engineering and manufacturing are applied at this stage.

How does Angger Wiranata implement sustainability in DUS DUK DUK furniture design?

Founded in 2013, Dus Duk Duk chose cardboard as the basic material for its products. The selection of basic materials itself is one part of the product development process . In its innovation that prioritizes sustainability , Dus Duk Duk chose cardboard as an eco-friendly basic material . By combining creativity and innovation, Dus Duk Duk has succeeded in making furniture products that are beneficial for consumers and the environment but still prioritize aesthetic value.

Furniture design itself is part of the product development process in the design and manufacture of furniture that considers function and aesthetics. In this job, designers create designs for both interior and exterior furniture. The design was made using consideration of customer preferences, sustainability and ergonomics. Check out other articles on KARENA.ID !

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