Mengenal Profesi Ghost Writer yang Sedang Hits

Get to know the Ghost Writer profession which is currently popular

Extraordinary busyness or incompetence in writing is often the reason why people need ghost writing services. Ghost writers themselves have absolutely nothing to do with ghosts. The term ghost writer or in Indonesian is ghost writer, is used because a writer does not include his name (credit) in the writing he has written. Even though his name doesn't appear, work as a ghost writer is increasingly in demand.

If you are one of them, then it is important to know more about this profession. This is useful for helping you prepare to become a reliable and successful ghost writer in the future.

What is a Ghost Writer?

Ghost writers are freelance writers who are paid to credit their work to others. There can be various types of writing by ghost writers , ranging from non-fiction books, autobiographies, articles, speeches, and many more. It is very rare for ghost writers to be recruited to write works of fiction.

Ghost writer clients often come from popular figures, such as politicians, athletes, musicians and actors. Some of them also come from companies, especially digital-based ones. They choose ghost writing services because they don't have time to compose complete writing independently or are not confident enough in their writing skills.

Clients will own the copyright to the ghost writer's work so they are free to edit, reproduce and sell it for commercial purposes. This also means that ghost writers cannot share the writing with the public, unless they have permission from the client.

Benefits of Being a Ghost Writer

Ghost writing is a type of freelance work that can produce many benefits, including:

  • Get famous clients
  • Becoming a ghost writer provides the opportunity to work with well-known clients. This will be a good experience for you in developing your writing so that it can be useful when you try to write your own work.

  • Opening doors for future careers
  • Becoming a ghost writer can indirectly introduce you to various popular publishers who are your client connections. This will be a valuable opportunity, because if your work is good enough in the eyes of publishers, they can become your partners in the future.

  • High pay
  • Ghost writers generally earn high wages because their names are not listed in the author's credits. The pay can start from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions depending on the type of project and the ghost writer 's flying hours .

  • No hassle with promotions
  • Ghost writers don't need to bother marketing their work because that has turned into the client's or publisher's job.

    How to Become a Ghost Writer ?

    A successful ghost writer is one who can represent the client's ideas so that the words in the writing sound like the client's own writing. Therefore, the main key to becoming a ghost writer is being able to listen and write skillfully. Interview skills of a ghost writer.

    However, apart from having these two abilities, several other methods need to be taken to pave the way and maintain a career as a ghost writer.

  • Leverage network recommendations
  • Clients don't suddenly come alone, especially if you are a beginner. Therefore, take advantage of the network you have to spread your ghost writing skills and services . If you meet the right connections, word of mouth can spread to clients who are looking for ghost writing services.

  • Starting from a content writer
  • If you don't have an adequate network, you can start by becoming a content writer first. Becoming a content writer can provide several benefits, such as continuing to hone your writing skills, meeting various clients, and being able to add to your portfolio. When you are experienced enough, you can start exploring the world of ghost writing with the network and abilities you have.

  • Starting from blogging
  • You also display your various writings on the blog. Writing that is interesting and uploaded consistently has the potential to be visited by many readers so you can become a popular blogger . When you already have a name, it will increase your chances of being recruited as a ghost writer.

    If you are starting or planning to become a ghost writer, it will take a long time. This is the same as what former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, said, " If you really look closely, most overnight successes take a long time. " Keep up your enthusiasm and good luck!

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