Mengenal Ragam Kriya Modern yang Bisa Kamu Pelajari Secara Otodidak

Get to know various modern crafts that you can learn autodidactically

Craft products are generally known as handicraft products that highlight hand skills. These creations come with various inherent functions, such as decoration, as applied or useful objects, and also as toys. The results of craft products continue to develop along with the times. So modern or contemporary crafts were born which brought novelty in aspects of design, technique and coloring.

There are many types of modern craft works, from two or three dimensional ones to those that have a special function or those that are only used as decoration. You can even learn and make some of these craft products yourself. Anything? Read more in the following review.

Coffee Mugs

Are you a coffee lover? This is the right time to make a mug or cup that will accompany you when you sip coffee. To make a coffee mug, you can use various materials, such as clay. It is said that cups made from clay will make coffee or other drinks taste fresher and tastier.

So, to make a coffee cup, you need to prepare clay, an electric rotary tool if you want to use the rotary technique, and dye. To beautify your creative product, don't forget to prepare a design that will be attached to the mug.

Meanwhile, for making techniques, you can refer to various sites or videos that show how to make clay cups yourself. Try trying out several techniques to find which one suits you best.

Handmade Pouches

You can create clothes that you haven't worn for a long time or leftover fabric that has piled up at home into multi-purpose products, such as pouches. This pocket can be used to store various items such as make-up tools, stationery, and various others. To make this pouch, you need sewing tools, either manually or using a machine, and other materials such as zippers, buttons and other knick-knacks.

Then, you can learn the sewing techniques independently through various videos available on the internet. Generally, this is not a difficult technique. You can master it by continuing to learn and practice it.

Action Figures

According to their function, toys can also be classified as craft products. One of the things that is becoming a trend is action figures or miniature superheroes. You can start learning to create your own by being guided by various tutorials available on the internet, both videos and articles.

In general, to make action figures, the key is making the design, framework, and sticking clay which is the main material. In designing, you need to determine the type of character and the pose you will create. Furthermore, creating the correct framework also determines how your action figure creation will be formed later. In the end, all you have to do is perfect the technique for attaching the clay to the frame that has been made.

Night lamp

Well, this one is a bit complex because it involves various materials such as cables, switches and lights. Before that, you need to prepare a design for a sleeping lamp that will accompany you while you rest. Therefore, as much as possible you take as many references as possible, both on the internet and through articles.

After that, practice on a smaller medium before moving on to the material you will use to make a night light. Even though it seems complicated, the results will probably make you quite satisfied. Because, apart from having a lighting function, this sleeping lamp can also be used as decoration.

Macrame Hanging Pot Macrame

Stringing rope is one of the favorite crafts of Indonesian people. Not only as fashion products or accessories, the resulting series can also be multifunctional items, such as macrame hanging pots. The manufacturing process is quite easy as long as you master several knotting techniques. The main ingredient for making macrame is nylon rope.

If you haven't mastered several rope knots, look for as many references on the internet as possible. Look at it while practicing it directly so that you can quickly understand the flow of making the knot.

Those are five types of modern crafts that you can learn autodidactically. The key is to determine the product you really want to make and look for as many references as possible. If you encounter difficulties, you can ask experts in the field or your colleagues who are more experienced in making them.

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