Mengenal Rumah Produksi melalui Wildan Aji Hisstory Film

Get to know the production house through Wildan Aji History Film

The History Films Production House is the place where Wildan Aji works as a cinematographer. Not only does he work at the production house, he also participates in a project called the Rotation Project.

Even though it is different from the Architectural major he took at Brawijaya University, his interest in film production led Wildan to his current career. His first steps began in high school when he chose film as an extracurricular. In this activity, Wildan Aji explored various things related to videos and films. Until finally he became the co-founder of a production house.

Actually, what is a production house? Read more in this article!

What is a Production House

A production house or better known as a Production House (PH) is an organization that produces audio-visual content, be it films, videos or advertisements. The content produced is also presented directly or through broadcasting houses . The work flow in the production house itself tends to continue 24 hours a day. Apart from that, the production house has a flexible and creative work ecosystem so that workers and leaders respect and understand each other.

What's Inside the Production House

Let's look again at the definition of a production house which is an organization and consists of several people with different job descriptions and skills. These differences will later be collaborated to create audiovisual content. Generally, the production house itself is a team with a small number of people, not as big as a film studio. The following are the roles of a production team in a production house.

1. Producer

The producer is a leader in the production team. The production flow and ideas that are executed are usually based on the producer's decisions. Not only in the content process, producers are also responsible for every member of their team. The producer even regulates the production timeline and the funds used.

2. Director

This role has the task of keeping the shooting process focused. He works directly with logistics, technicians and artists. The directions given are intended so that the content produced is in accordance with the ideas and stories that have been created. Usually the director is a powerful person and is firm in carrying out his duties.

3. Scriptwriter

Scriptwriters have the role of writing dialogue for the characters playing a role in the shooting. Not only dialogue, the scriptwriter must also be able to describe the situation and atmosphere that occurs in the story so that the actors and team can understand how the story will be shown. This way the resulting video is not stiff and the audience will easily understand the flow of the story.

4. Production Designer

The role of a production designer in content production is to convert scripts into visuals in the form of storyboards . The visual depicts a series of sketches for each scene. This is intended to help the process of filming from one scene to another.

5. Costume Designer

This is one of the roles that helps the characters in the film stand out. A costume designer is someone who is responsible for the actors' costumes. Starting from planning the costumes for each scene to taking care of the costumes during filming.

6. Art Director

The artistic director is an important role in film production. They take care of the property and decoration of the shooting location. This is important so that the storyline that has been created can be visualized during filming .

7. Cinematographer

A cinematographer is someone who is the direction leader in the camera team. Starting from taking pictures to the point of view of each scene.

8. Editors

After the shooting process is complete, the pieces of the scene will be put together and re-evaluated. Here, the editor's role is to refine and correct what is necessary and unnecessary in the film.

Apart from discussing the roles above, we will also see how the production house works in creating audiovisual content. Starting from ideas to content marketing.

The following are the stages in the process of creating audio visual content:

  • Brainstorming ideas in creating content (consisting of storyboarding )
  • Scripting
  • Talent acquisition
  • Planning and Logistics
  • Post Production
  • Marketing

Production House Category

Production houses themselves have several types that differentiate them from each other. Even though they both work in the field of audio-visual content, they usually have goals that differentiate the production houses. Here are the three categories of production houses and their differences!


Most Production House agencies do not produce programs themselves, but intermediary through other publishers. Usually agencies have contracts with television stations and other media. However, the agency does not produce its own products, it collaborates with production houses. The agency also collaborates with advertising companies for ad serving. Usually, in order to be broadcast on these agencies, companies not only collaborate but also provide sponsorship.

Production house

A Production House (PH) or production company is a company whose main focus is producing content in the form of audiovisual media such as advertisements, films or web series . In the advertising industry, production companies act as implementers of advertising agencies' ideas.

In other words, advertising agencies do not create the ads themselves, but rather ask production companies to execute them. All activities related to technical issues ranging from crew search, profession, location, etc. are the responsibility of the production company.

Film studio

The term studio was coined during the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1920s and 1950s. Large film studios own several production companies and facilities used to make films. Film studios are different from production companies which focus on production, they focus on the creative development process , intellectual property, screenplay creation/acquisition, film financing, promotion and film distribution. From a business perspective, the scope of work at a film studio is actually broader than the scope of work at a production company.

Now you know that a career in the world of film is quite broad. You can be a cinematographer, scriptwriter, or even artistic director. Are you interested in working for an agency, independent production house or film studio?

To learn and get to know more about film cinematography, you can listen to Wildan Aji's podcast only on Because Podcast!

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