Mengenal Tren Fesyen Masa Kini, dari Classic, Trendy, hingga Fad

Get to know current fashion trends, from classic, trendy, to fad

Looking trendy has now become a need for many people. Maybe you are one of them too. This is actually fine, because by following the latest styles your self-confidence will automatically increase.

Well, there are various fashion trends currently developing, including classic, trendy and fad.

Do you want to try it? However, before that, get to know these styles first so you know which one really suits you.

Classic Fashion

Some people think classic style and timeless fashion are the same. On the one hand, this is true, but timeless fashion is not always a pure classic style, but rather a style that has lasted for a long time and is popular with many groups.

Meanwhile, classic fashion tends to be timeless and has good quality materials. Therefore, you can wear this style at any time even though times are constantly changing. Not infrequently, fashion items that are classified as classic become sought after and are even bought and sold exclusively and at high prices. For example, bags from Chanel or Hermes boutiques whose classic collections are now widely used as investment items.

Classic models don't have to be expensive, and generally give a formal impression because they always look neat. This style is suitable for those of you who want to look professional, reliable and elegant every day.

So, to be clearer, there are several characteristics that classic style fashion has, including:

  • Dominate neutral colors, such as brown, dark blue, white, and also pops of bright colors.
  • Have a calm striped, checkered or dotted motif.
  • The clothing style is not baggy or too small.
  • The pieces of clothing match each other (not disjointed).
  • Not a lot of details or cuts.

Trendy Fashion

Basically, every clothing model that follows the latest trends is considered trendy fashion. This style will give the wearer a fashionable, up to date and stylish impression.

There are many kinds of trendy fashion . In one period, there could be one, two, or more trendy fashions that develop. Generally, this style will follow a cycle that continuously rotates according to which one succeeds in winning the hearts of many people.

So, in 2022 some of the trendy fashion that will develop include:

  • Vintage Fashion
  • According to a Populix survey in 2022, female respondents most like vintage fashion. The vintage style itself was born influenced by the post-World War I situation.

    This fashion trend prioritizes semi-formal and formal style clothing. Some of the colors that dominate are those that are more calm and shady, such as light colors or pastels. Even though it was born decades ago and is often considered old school, vintage style is still in demand because of the uniqueness it displays.

  • Sporty Fashion
  • Still based on Populix, for male respondents, sporty styles are still the most popular. This style usually relies on several outfits, such as jogger pants, hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, sneakers, and many more.


    Fad is a very popular style of clothing but only lasts for a short time. This trend is developing in line with the rise of the fast fashion industry. If you see a lot of people wearing the same outfit recently, it could be part of a fad trend. An example is the 'up and down' clothing trend that is viral in challenges on social media today. The clothes are made from pleated fabric, making the silhouette look like it is bouncing. It is not impossible that this trend will be abandoned in a short time and easily forgotten.

    In contrast to the classic style which has simple and harmonious patterns, the patterns on fads tend to be irregular and feature bold colors and motifs. For example, in Bohemian style (Boho style), tie-dye , and camouflage motifs.

    Boho Style, which was a hit again in 2017, Liveaabout doc

    Tie Dye, which has bright and colorful patterns, has recently become popular again, according to Youth Incorporated Magazine

    The Camouflage style is predicted to go viral again like in previous years (Victoria Beckham Camouflage t-shirt Harperszbazaar doc)

    These are various types of fashion references that you can apply. Choose the one that best suits the moment you are going through so that the style will really support you.

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