Menilik Perjalanan Karir Wendy Pratama: Street Smart vs Book Smart

Looking at Wendy Pratama's Career Journey: Street Smart vs Book Smart

Wendy Pratama, founder of the educational platform, is an ITB architectural graduate who changed her career path to the field of education.

Starting with concerns about the gap between the knowledge learned through institutions or schools and the knowledge we need in the world of work, Wendy built an educational startup as a platform for young people to learn the skills needed in the professional world. itself is in the form of a short course containing material on soft skills, entrepreneurship, and self-development to meet the knowledge needs of young people in achieving their dreams and careers. In the world of education, there are the terms book smart and street smart. These two things can explain why there is a gap between the knowledge gained from school institutions and the knowledge needed in the world of work. Come on, see the explanation below!

Book Smart

Looking at the phrase book smart itself, we can understand that book smart is the intelligence that a person has that comes from learning theoretically. The term intelligence is usually applied to people who have advantages in the academic field. They have strong analysis due to their rich theoretical knowledge.

Not infrequently, the work carried out is always well structured and organized. However, behind its advantages, book smart people have a disadvantage, namely low common sense. They usually face difficulties in applying theories to work. However, not all book smart people are like this!

Street Smart

From the phrase "street smart" which means learning from "the street" or what is meant by learning directly from field practice. Street smart people usually have the principles of observe, imitate and modify. In terms of practice, they just need to see the tricks and practice them directly so that their common sense is quite strong. The capital they have is enthusiasm and optimism, the important thing is to do it first. Because they learn only from seeing and practicing directly from the field, street smart people have weaknesses in theory. They can practice it easily, but explaining what it is like and how about something, street smart people will experience quite a lot of difficulty.

Of the two categories of intelligence above, neither is better or worse. Everyone has both categories, you just have to see and understand for yourself which type of intelligence is superior to you. These two categories of intelligence also complement each other! As long as you are willing to learn and understand yourself, these two categories can help you approach any learning. So, have you tried to learn to know yourself?

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