Menjadi Street Smart, Cara Sukses Bisnis dengan Memperbanyak Pengalaman di Lapangan

Becoming Street Smart, How to Succeed in Business by Increasing Experience in the Field

Do you still remember the story of legendary businessman Bob Sadino? Even though he did not finish college, he is known to be successful in running various businesses, such as supermarkets and property.

Bob's success began with his belief that direct practice was better than just sitting and absorbing knowledge without executing it at all. Because, from the field there is a lot of learning that is relatable to everyday reality.

The way Bob learned to read the field started from his experience working in domestic and foreign companies. When he started his own business, he experienced ups and downs, working as a driver, construction worker, and raising chickens. However, it was that experience that later led him to being able to open a self-service business.

Well, from what Bob went through, it is now commonly called street smart.

What is Street Smart?

Being street smart means you are able to adapt and handle problems based on everyday reality. These problems may often come unexpectedly and there are many kinds. Therefore, direct experiences are needed so that you are no longer surprised by the challenges that will come.

Well, street smart can be found in many fields, such as education, IT, and many more. Then, in the business sector, street smart is also a term that is often encountered.

Street smart in terms of business refers to the results of the experience of going directly into the field to learn and manage a business independently. In the process, a person may experience ups and downs or ups and downs, which requires him to continue looking for various solutions.

However, it is these various difficulties that ultimately help someone to read business situations more easily. They become more adaptable to changes and are also more flexible with the various parties they will encounter. This ability is sometimes not available to someone who tends to be book smart.

Indeed, in its development, street smart or book smart are often compared. Different from a street smart person who is often associated with being skilled without having formal education, a book smart person is more considered a text book person whose knowledge is mostly obtained from books or college classes. They usually get good grades in various classes but tend to lack direct experience.

So which one is better?

This of course goes back to your respective initial goals or what you will do in the future. If your goal is to develop your business directly, then the characteristics of a street smart person are what you need. But it doesn't matter if you balance it by reading various business books or formal classes.

Even so, you need to remember that the key is to have the courage to execute. As writer and management expert, Peter F. Drucker, said, "strategy is a commodity, execution is an art."

This means that you can design the best strategy possible based on any business theory, but what is still most important is how it is implemented. You are required to be able to execute it clearly, face various changes or challenges quickly, and read market or field situations that are constantly changing.

Well, generally you can get and hone these skills from direct business experience, either when you are still a staff member or when you start your own business.

How to Become Street Smart

There is no instant way to become street smart. You need to get used to several things over a certain period of time until you can finally feel the signs of street smarts in you. Some things you need to get used to are:

  • Don't give in to stressful or uncomfortable situations
  • If there is a situation that makes you stressed or uncomfortable, don't avoid it. Instead, try to get more into the situation. This method will be a catalyst for your development in business, because the more brave you are in facing the situation, the more accustomed you will be to the problems that will come your way.

  • Learn about people's temperament and personality
  • When you know how people think and what they feel, you will naturally know what to do and how to be effective for them. The key is regular interaction and spending more time with these people.

  • Get a different perspective
  • Knowing more minds will give you a better idea of ​​how people think and what's going on out there. Don't just keep your thoughts to yourself. Try asking other people for advice and opinions. This is the same as you have increased referrals by utilizing people's knowledge.

  • Distill knowledge that can be applied
  • Try asking yourself some of these things when facing an unpleasant experience.

    1. Why does that happen?
    2. What can you do to prevent/fix it?
    3. What can you learn from this?
    4. How can you do things better next time?

    After that, note down the important points that you can apply for future improvements.

  • Focus on doing, doing, and more doing
  • Every field experience will make you more socially intelligent. It's okay to gain social knowledge through books, but remember that it is from field situations that you will develop your intuition and social intelligence.

    That's everything about street smart that you can know and start practicing the tips. What needs to be underlined is that being street smart does not mean you ignore various business literature. Keep running both well and then feel how beneficial it is for your business.

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