Menyelami Makna Hidup dengan Berkunjung ke Galeri Seni

Dive into the Meaning of Life by Visiting an Art Gallery

Visiting an art gallery can be the right choice to fill your free time. Apart from broadening your horizons, the atmosphere of an art gallery is also believed to calm the mind. In fact, recent research finds that frequent visits to art exhibitions can reduce stress and make life more meaningful. Why is that?

When visiting an art gallery, you will see the touch of the curators in arranging and displaying art installations, paintings, sculptures, photos and more. These works generally have their own themes which will continue to change. For example, Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) 2021 carries the theme "Public" which is a reflection of post-pandemic conditions. It describes the various feelings that surround humans, such as "insecurity" which could be relevant to what you are experiencing.

This is where you can dive deeper into feelings of "insecurity" through visualizations from artists. Even if you come to the gallery yourself, by looking at paintings that are related to what you are experiencing, you will feel that what you are experiencing is normal and you are not alone.

Apart from that, from this visualization you are also encouraged to find out the further meaning of "insecurity" itself. This is where your interpretive skills are trained, namely how far your imagination will move to describe the concept of "insecurity." This process of interpreting meaning is actually beneficial for human memory. Getting used to seeing various ideas in works of art can train you to remember challenging and abstract ideas in everyday life.

Apart from that, visiting an art gallery can also be a source of inspiration for you to find various ideas. The more ideas you come across, the more your creative side will be honed. Because indirectly it has inspired your mind to move to find new ideas.

With its various benefits, it is not wrong to choose an art gallery as a place to fill your free time or look for inspiration. In Indonesia, there are many art galleries that you can visit, including:

  • National Gallery of Indonesia (Galnas)
  • Galnas is one of the largest art galleries in Indonesia. Opened in 1999, this gallery displays various works of modern and contemporary art. You can visit this gallery in the Gambir area, Central Jakarta, every Tuesday-Sunday.

  • Comfortable Art Gallery
  • While on holiday in Bali, there's no harm in visiting the Nyaman Art Gallery. Located in the Seminyak area, this gallery displays various works from local and foreign artists. You will also be presented with various antiques.

  • Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Located in Semarang City, this art gallery has a minimalist white interior. Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery presents contemporary art works from artists in the country that can be a source of inspiration for you.

    What should you prepare when visiting an art gallery?

    So, after knowing the benefits and various art galleries that you can visit, you actually also need to prepare several things, such as:

  • Find out information about the gallery you want to visit
  • Some information you need to know when visiting an art gallery includes: exhibition theme, artwork displayed, opening hours, visitor quota, location and entrance ticket price.

  • Make sure whether you need to make an appointment with the gallery beforehand
  • Although most large galleries do not require appointments, some galleries do have such a policy. So that you don't make a mistake, you can confirm it first by contacting the gallery or looking for information on their website or social media.

  • Ask About the Gallery's Photography Policy before Taking a Photo
  • There are several galleries that prohibit visitors from taking photos of the works on display. This is usually related to copyright, bad effects of flash, security factors, and so on. Therefore, make sure you fully understand the rules regarding photography in the gallery you are going to visit.

  • Buy Tickets Online If Possible
  • Buying tickets online can save you from queuing at the gallery counter as well as the risk of running out of tickets.

    That's all about visiting an art gallery. Make sure you follow all the rules implemented by the organizer to maintain the continuity of the exhibition and the artwork itself.

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