Minati Soerono, Ilustrator & NFT Artist Pemilik Brand Stulka

Minati Soerono, Illustrator & NFT Artist Owner of the Stulka Brand

Since childhood, Minati Soerono has fallen in love with drawing. Whatever catches his eye, it is likely to immediately become a source of inspiration. Not only drawing, at that time doing various creative things was also deeply ingrained in Minati. His love for the creative world has not faded to this day. This is what then led Minati to become a multidisciplinary artist by carrying a brand called "Stulka" since May 2016.

Before focusing on developing Stulka, Minati actually spent time in the corporate world. A graduate of Visual Communication Design, Bina Nusantara, he was recorded as having been a marketing coordinator at the British Chamber of Commerce from 2019 to 2020. He also worked as a Senior Marketing Strategist at Szeto Group before finally deciding to focus on the creative field.

Several years of experience in the corporate world has actually made Minati even more determined to pursue a career in the creative path. He then decided to become a full-time artist by launching the Stulka brand . According to Minati, opportunities in the creative industry are now increasingly promising.

Through his works, Minati wants to describe the abstract feelings he has. Initially, he focused a lot on illustration, but then he also created various other works of art as various inspirations came to the fore, comics for example. The majority of Minati's works are inspired by pop culture. She likes to use bold, contrasting primary colors and often experiments with different styles.

Minati said Stulka's presence also provides a free space for other people to express opinions about his work. For him, it is quite fun to know what other people think about the work he creates.

In promoting his work, Minati actively uses Instagram . He also displays his portfolio on several platforms, such as Behance and Dribbble.

In addition, for more than half a year, the Stulka brand has also reached the NFT realm. Various of his works have now appeared on the Open Sea and OBJKT marketplaces. Minati is optimistic that the creative industry market will provide many new opportunities for artists. Various use value breakthroughs and new implementations in the creative industry will continue to develop in the future.

So, are you curious about Minati's works? The following are Minati's creations which have attracted the attention of many art lovers.

Friedrich Zimmermann

This is one of Minati's latest illustrations. which depicts an IT expert who wants humans and AI to live together in harmony. He launched this series on the Form Function platform , which contains many works by independent artists.


This is also Minati's latest work. The Solitude illustration depicts the solitude of a woman. Even so, he appeared to be accompanied by several animals. This work also appears on the Form Function platform.


Through this illustration, Minati wants to bring a new nuance to his work. He placed this work on the OBJKT NFT platform.


Several times Minati has also made comics with slice of life stories. This comic tells the story of a woman who is finally able to move and live on her own after arguing with her family for a long time.

That's a glimpse of Minati Soerono's profile and career journey. His strong belief in art makes him continue to produce creative works that are sometimes related to what many people experience.

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