Pekerjaan Menarik Untuk Kamu Yang Hobi Menggambar dan Bercerita

Interesting job for those of you who like drawing and telling stories

Some people have succeeded in turning their hobby into a promising job. This is usually supported by long-standing expertise and perseverance. Currently there are many hobbies that can lead you to wide open career opportunities. One of them is a hobby of drawing. You can become a painter, designer, architect, and many more.

However, what if you have more than one hobby, for example drawing and telling stories? Of course that is a big advantage for you. Because there will be more job options for you to choose from.

The following is a job that is suitable for those of you who like drawing and telling stories.


Most people think that an illustrator's job is simply to translate text from either a writer or another client into an illustration. However, the world of illustration is not that narrow. Illustrators can also publish other works, such as books, poetry, novels, and so on.

Through these works, an illustrator can tell stories about everything. For example, illustrator Dinda Puspitasari wants to foster inspiration through her book "World of Patterns" . This book consists of three series, namely, Shapes, Flowers , and My Favorite Things , which are included in the arts and crafts category. Apart from that, there is also Lala Bohang who creates poetry and words, complete with illustrations through the books "The Book of Forbidden Feelings", "The Book of Invincible Questions" , and many others.


For an animator, drawing skills will not be enough if it is not supported by the ability to tell stories. Because the essence of animation is story. This story contains several elements, such as theme, characters, plot and setting. After finding the right story, the animator will make a sketch or storyboard which will then be used as an animation (moving image).

In contrast to other image-related jobs, animators are required to have 'motion sensitivity'. What this means is the ability to animate an image so that it appears to be alive.

There are many opportunities that you can find when you want to enter the world of animation. Because animation is not just cartoons or films. Many advertisements, educational videos, etc. are now wrapped in animation. In Indonesia, the number of animation studios continues to grow, including Little Giants, Animation Studio, Infinite Frameworks, and many more.

Comic artist

Comic artists are a suitable choice for those of you who have a hobby of drawing and telling stories. This is because comic artists are not only required to be skilled at drawing, but also must be able to create characters and compose stories from beginning to end.

The world of comics is currently quite developed. Not only limited to comic books, digital comics are also becoming a trend, for example Webtoons. You can choose which one suits you best and what is currently in demand by the market.

Several Indonesian comic artists are now quite famous worldwide. One of them is Ario Anindito who is involved, who is recorded as having worked on Marvel comics, Star Wars.

Storyboard Artist

You can also channel your drawing and storytelling talents by becoming a storyboard artist. This is the work of translating text into images and tracing them from beginning to end. A storyboard artist is needed to make the idea of ​​a work visualized as well as possible and easy for the public to understand.

Several directors now need the services of storyboard artists so that their films can really be shown well. Storyboard artists are also often needed in the marketing world to create advertisements and other marketing content creatively.

Character Designer

The world of animation has several types of job specialization, one of which is character designer. This type of work is needed to create characters that become the medium for telling the story. One of the most well-known character designers is Walt Disney. He created the character Mickey Mouse in 1928 and achieved great success.

In creating a character, designers are required to be able to interpret the character's personality and physical characteristics into expressive illustrations. This is realized through depictions of facial expressions, poses, movements, costumes, postures, and so on. A good character designer will have a keen eye for detail in human expression and the ability to understand a character's story from beginning to end.

So, those are the jobs that you can try for those of you who like drawing and telling stories. Choose a job that really suits your skills. Don't forget to continue to improve your skills so that the work you produce is of higher quality and accepted by many people. To do this, you can take self-development classes that are currently available or join a community that suits your hobbies so that you continue to be motivated. Well, it turns out it's quite a long journey, yes, the journey of digital comics, starting from South Korea to becoming a trend in Indonesia. These trends will of course continue to change according to the needs of the times and also the dynamic characteristics of readers. Are you also interested in becoming a digital comic creator in the future?

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