Perjalanan Sheila Soraya dari Guru TK hingga Jadi NFT Artist

Sheila Soraya's journey from kindergarten teacher to NFT artist

Two years after graduating from college majoring in film and animation, Sheila Soraya decided to become a kindergarten teacher at a private school. Connecting with children has always been his passion. That's why he felt at home as a kindergarten teacher for up to 5.5 years. Her journey to become a teacher ended in 2019. The woman, better known as Mikrosil, decided to become a full-time illustrator. Recently, her name is also known as an Indonesian female NFT artist who is quite popular.

Not far from her favorite, Sheila's illustration character comes with a children's feel. She uses a strong, bright color palette with playful characters and objects. Sheila took inspiration from her hobby of reading comics and children's novels. The three books that are his favorites to date are Moomin (Tobe Jonsson), Pippi Longstocking (Astrid Lindgren), and Totto-Chan (Tetsuko Kuroyanagi).

Apart from that, in her creative process Sheila also observes everything around her. This includes, for example, walking around the house, watering the plants, feeding the neighbors' cats, listening to music, watching movies, and daydreaming. Especially the hobby of listening to music, it turns out that it has brought big changes in the creative process of this woman from Jakarta. Music has helped him to be able to convey feelings and ideas for a work. Music also gives him a comfortable feeling. Some of Sheila's favorite music that is quite inspiring includes Dis-ease (BTS), IN PINK (Chai feat Mndsgn), and Waltz of a little bird (Ko-Ko-Ya).

He also tries to open himself up to various things. This apparently succeeded in bringing big changes to Sheila's creative process. Several years earlier, he had not had the courage to draw using more than two colors. He has zero confidence in composing colors. However, this openness means that the illustrations slowly develop. Not infrequently, Sheila shares her work process via the Mikrosil Instagram account.

Sheila's courage in exploring many things has resulted in various achievements for her work. As a respected NFT artist, his work has been a featured illustration on the home page of NFT Form Function, a platform that is popular among independent artists. To appear there is certainly not an easy thing because it involves artists from various countries. However, the graduate of the National Multimedia University managed to make it happen. Apart from Form Function, Sheila's works also appear on various other NFT platforms, such as Open Sea, OBJKT, Teia, Versum, and so on.

Over the years, Sheila's work has become widely known. In 2020, he even had the opportunity to design an exclusive motif for the Nona Rona clothing brand. At that time, the Indonesian brand carried a unique concept, with the theme "Everlasting Neverland". This theme describes what can make someone always enthusiastic about celebrating various phases, roles and sides of women's lives.

So, isn't the figure of Sheila Soraya aka Mikrosil interesting? Sheila doesn't bother about finding inspiration. He found it from various things close to him. Apart from that, his courage to try new things led him to major changes in each of his works.

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