Rekomendasi Film Musik untuk Menemani Akhir Pekanmu

Recommended Music Films to Accompany Your Weekend

Do you have an agenda for this week? If not, what about the option of watching films about music? Watching musical films has long been believed to bring various benefits. Quoting from The Take, musical films are able to transport anyone who watches them into a fantasy that feels very real. This will make your imagination continue to run wild until you find satisfaction or ideas you never thought of before.

With these benefits, there are many music films that you can watch this week. Whether from Hollywood, Asia, or domestic, all of them will give you a new feeling. Anything? Read more in the following review.

La La Land

The film La La Land was widely discussed at the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017. This film tells the story of Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) who is a pianist and Mia (Emma Stone) who is an aspiring actress. Both of them are trying to achieve their dreams and success in their respective fields. As time goes by, fate finally brings them together and they fall in love in Los Angeles. However, both of them are then faced with a choice between love and career when busyness starts to arrive.

When you dive into the story of Sebastian and Mia, you will be presented with a series of music that will arouse your imagination and fantasy. You will also be shown stunning cinematography. Even though it is no longer showing in cinemas, you can watch La La Land on Netflix now.

Sing Street

Sing Street is a coming of age genre film that combines with new wave music. This film, which was released in 2016, tells the story of Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) who forms a band to attract the woman of his dreams, Raphina (Lucy Boynton).

Set in Ireland in the 1980s, Sing Street will take you through the twists and turns of life, from the story of first love, friendship, family, to school life. This film shows how hobbies then influence the characters' future aspirations. You can watch Sing Street on the Netflix streaming service.

West Side Story

The film West Side Story was actually inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Set in New York in 1957, this film tells the story of two teenagers who are in a love relationship but have to face conflicts because they are connected to different gangs. Two gangs of teenagers from different races, named Jets and Sharks, compete for territory.

Tony (Ansel Elgort) is a member of the "Jets" gang who likes Maria (Rachel Zegler), the sister of Bernando (David Alvarez), head of the rival gang, Shark. Tony and Maria then developed a relationship that was filled with gang conflict. When the hostility between the two gangs begins to heat up, Tony's love relationship with Maria is increasingly tested. You can watch the story of both of them in full via Disney Plus.

Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts has now become one of Netflix's most loved films. This film tells the story of the contract marriage of a barmaid, Cassie Salazar (Sofia Carson) and Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzine), a marine. The two of them met at the bar where Cassie worked and finally decided to get married. However, unlike most marriages, Cassie and Luke agreed to enter into a contract marriage in order to receive a household allowance from the military.

Gradually, Cassie and Luk's relationship became more than just a contract marriage. Accompanied by various songs, you will be taken into the increasingly romantic story of the two.

The Box

Last year EXO's Chanyeol successfully stole attention through the film "The Box". Playing the role of a street musician named Ji Hoon, Chanyeol is said to have talent like a star. Ji Hoon's abilities then attracted the attention of Min Soo (Jo Dal Hwan) so he was determined to make Ji Hoon a great musician. Unfortunately, Ji Hoon is always shrouded in great fear when appearing in public.

To overcome this problem, the two of them then toured several places. During this trip, Chanyeol performed seven original songs and several popular songs, such as "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish and "A Sky Full of Stars" by Coldplay. You can watch Chanyeol's acting in full via the Viu platform.

This is the story of three virgins

The final recommendation this time is the musical film by director Nia Dinata, This is the Story of Tiga Dara. The film, which was released in 2016, was inspired by the musical drama by Usmar Ismail entitled "Tiga Dara". This film tells the story of three sisters, Gendis (Shanty), Ella (Tara Basro), and Bebe (Tatyana Akman). After their mother died, the three of them were brought by their father, Krisna (Ray Sahetapy) to Maumere, a small town on the coast.

Veteran singer Titiek Puspa also fills the cast in the film This is the Story of Three Dara. She plays the role of grandmother of three siblings who continues to worry about her grandchildren's future, especially about their soul mate. It is said that Gendis, the first grandchild, still doesn't have a partner at the age of 32.

You can watch This is the Story of Three Daras via the Viu streaming service. You will be presented with various songs sung directly by the players.

Those are recommendations for musical films that can accompany the weekend. So, what films are you interested in watching?

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