Seni Mendesain Kehidupan Dari Andi Rahmat

The Art of Designing Life from Andi Rahmat

So far, we define design as a shape, pattern or image that we see.

For Andi Rahmat, a Type Designer, Graphic Designer and Typographer, the meaning of design goes far beyond that. Language and our behavior as humans also need to be designed politely. Design is a matter of belief, struggle and perseverance to make the environment and life better.

Armed with graphic design education at a private campus in Bandung, over the years Andi Rahmat joined as a graphic designer in several multi-national companies. Until finally, he decided to start his own business with the name NUSAE, a graphic design studio that focuses on creating design and environmental graphics located in Bandung.

Creating a Better Environment Through Visual Design

As a graphic design student, in the third semester, Andi decided to work with one of the pioneering clothing brands that was founded in 1996 in Bandung with a salary of IDR 700,000. At that time, Andi believed that material things were not the main thing he needed to pursue first. His experience, knowledge, and meetings with influential people actually helped him explore his career.

Enjoying drawing since childhood doesn't make him an expert when he grows up. Andi believes that to be a graphic designer, someone doesn't need to be good at drawing, because we can recruit illustrators who suit the concept we need. Andi doesn't understand why to this day designers have to pass a drawing test to be accepted into the design department. In fact, only a graphic designer with a solutions mindset is able to determine at what level he will pursue a career. “We also consider wedding invitation designers to be graphic designers. According to Andi, what makes the difference is the mindset.

Before focusing on building an independent business, Andi worked for several multi-national companies which then gave him the opportunity to work on projects for big brands such as Marlboro, Samsung, McDonald's, Coca Cola Indonesia, UNILEVER, Philip Morris and so on.

The designs he creates are distributed in various media, one of which is baligo. Sometimes the billboards are installed haphazardly and damage the view. Through this giant sketch, producers trick consumers into believing that tertiary needs have a level of urgency that need to be prioritized, ignoring other needs which are actually much more important. That's when Andi's conscience was touched.

For him, an ideal design can at least be functional, inspiring and educational. Meanwhile, what he was doing at that time did not cover any of these components. After strengthening his confidence and preparing himself, both mentally, scientifically and financially, Andi decided to build his own business, with one of his visions to make the environment better.

Apart from being functional, the ideal design must inspire and educate.

NUSAE: Bringing Authentic Character Design to Life

It took Andi and his colleagues a year to create the name NUSAE. The name was chosen from hundreds of other names that appeared as options. Nu sae, in Sundanese means 'the good'. NUSAE is also an abbreviation of Nusa Artha Estetika.

It's not just the name that Andi chose selectively. Not all of the projects offered were accepted. Together with the team he formed, a total of 15 people are members of NUSAE. They prioritize projects that have benefits for the environment or community. Unique products that have the opportunity to be developed are also one of NUSAE's targeted projects.

Several clients, especially personal clients, not corporate ones, met Andi directly as an effort to build chemistry. Andi doesn't just pay attention to the projects they will work on together. Andi expanded the discussion to cover fashion, music and even history. For Andi, the fundamental similarities of the parties working together are important to create a harmonious relationship. Without uniformity and mature understanding in interactions with clients, the project will not start work.

So far, Andi and his team have committed to not accepting projects involving nicotine and alcohol products. Money has never been the main consideration for NUSAE in choosing a proposed project, that is one of Andi's principles.

After the agreement is made, Andi and the NUSAE team will provide at least one hundred alternatives to present to the client. The final decision is determined as the most effective one through long discussions, adjusting to the client's needs. There are simple designs, even if they don't seem to be designed seriously, but instead have deep meaning. There are also very striking designs.

According to Andi, he and his team have to know when they need to 'shout' through the designs they create, when they need to 'whisper'. Both can only be truly understood after Andi masters the technique. Andi often emphasizes to his team, "if the output is ordinary and the same as what other people do, why do people choose NUSAE?"

From there, we can conclude that authentic design character is something that NUSAE considers important.

“The fundamental similarities of the parties working together are important for establishing a harmonious relationship.” - Andi Rahmat

Designing Western Onion Bones

When asked about the most interesting project that NUSAE is currently working on, Andi enthusiastically mentioned the West Tulang Bawang development project as the answer. Tulang Bawang Barat is a district in Lampung that is transitioning to become an independent region.

Through Andra Martin, one of the nation's proud architects who will focus on building work in West Tulang Bawang, Andi was introduced to the regent of West Tulang Bawang, Umar Ahmad, SP. After inviting Andi to Tulang Bawang Barat, and visiting Andi's office in Bandung, Mr. Umar Ahmad entrusted Andi and his team to handle the designs needed for the construction of Tulang Bawang Barat. If it goes well, Andi hopes that the design can be enjoyed by the public in the next five years.

Because most of the residents in West Tulang Bawang are transmigrants, it is ultimately difficult to determine one culture to represent the entire region. Lampung also has its own culture. Finally, Mr. Umar Ahmad attracted a senior Indonesian artist, Mr. Hanafi, to create a new culture for Tulang Bawang Barat. His seriousness in building culture includes making new traditional clothes, done by local fashion designers from Jakarta.

Andi's success may make us curious, how do you finalize your identity as a designer? What level do we want to reach in our career as designers? Andi advised that the answer to this question could be obtained from several role models in his career. Andi mentioned the names of senior designers, such as Josef Müller-Brockmann, whose knowledge Andi brought from Switzerland and applied in Indonesia. Or Emil Ruder, who also comes from Switzerland. Kenya Hara, from Japan, which Andi believes is a country whose development needs to continue to be studied. Until Wim Crouwel from the Netherlands.

Andi has noticed these figures throughout his life consistently carrying out his profession as a designer. Andi suggested that novice designers have this consistency. "Just be consistent, let the universe support you," encouraged Andi. Later, we will find out at what level we are in our career and what maturity we have reached.

For those of you who are also interested in pursuing a career in graphic design like Andi Rahmat, I hope this article can provide inspiration.

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