Serba-serbi Generasi Sandwich yang Perlu Kamu Ketahui

Everything You Need to Know about the Sandwich Generation

The sandwich generation has now become a familiar term. There are various stories about the sandwich generation that are easy to find, both on social media, the news and other platforms. On average, they admit that it is difficult to fully use the money they earn because they have to cover the living costs of the generations above and below them. The condition of being squeezed between two generations leads to an analogy with the filling of a sandwich being sandwiched between two pieces of bread.

The term sandwich generation was first introduced by a Professor and Practicum Director at the University of Kentucky, Dorothy A. Miller, in 1981. The sandwich generation is defined as a group of adults who have to bear the burden of life from three generations, namely parents, themselves and siblings. , their children or even grandchildren.

Several sources say that being a sandwich generation can be experienced by men and women aged 30 to 40 years. However, currently there are also many sandwich generations in their mid-20s and above.

In Indonesia, the number of sandwich generations is not known for certain. Even so, looking at data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2017, the number of the sandwich generation could be quite large. This is because 77.82 percent of the 23.66 million elderly have their household costs covered by working household members. This indicates that there are tens of millions of people who have the opportunity to become the sandwich generation.

Types of Sandwich Generation

Of this number, the sandwich generation is divided into several categories. An Aging and Elder Care expert , Carol Abaya, categorizes the sandwich generation into three types based on their respective roles. Are you one of them?

  • The Traditional Sandwich Generation
  • Adults aged 40 to 50 years who still have to bear the burden of elderly parents and children who still need financial support.

  • The Club Sandwich Generation
  • Adults aged 30 to 60 years squeezed by more than two generations. They still have to bear the burden of their parents, children, grandchildren if they already have them, and grandparents if they are still alive.

  • The Open Faced Sandwich Generation
  • Anyone who cares for the elderly, with the exception of nursing home administrators, can be classified in this group.

    Things to do when you are the sandwich generation

    Being the sandwich generation is certainly not an easy thing. You may often feel physically and mentally tired because you have to endure the lives of three or more generations. If left unchecked, it has the potential to cause depression.

    Therefore, when you become the sandwich generation, there are several things you must do so that the burden you carry is not too heavy, including:

  • Manage Income Wisely
  • In managing finances, first, you can use a salary allocation with the 50/30/20 formula. You can allocate 50 percent of your salary for daily needs, such as food and drink, electricity, transportation, and so on. Then, you can use 20 percent of it for recreation and the remaining 30 percent, you can save.

    Apart from that, there is also a more complex allocation, namely 40/30/20/10. In this formula, use 40 percent of your salary for basic needs, 30 percent for installments, 20 percent for savings, and 10 percent for recreation and charity. Choose the formula that best suits your condition and strengthen your commitment to stick to it.

  • Save Regularly
  • After setting your salary allocation, it's time to prepare your savings as optimally as possible. For example, you prepare savings for education, a house or old age as early as possible. By starting to save, you will have a handle on facing various needs in the future so that your burden will not be too heavy in the future.

    To build a savings habit, you can use the auto debit feature from various platforms. So, later the money in your account will be deducted automatically and routinely to be deposited in savings.

  • Increasing Financial Literacy
  • Financial literacy can be interpreted as a person's knowledge and ability to manage finances optimally. The higher a person's financial literacy, the higher they will achieve various financial goals, for example being free from the trap of the sandwich generation.

    To increase financial literacy, there are several ways you can do it. This method is quite easy and even free of charge, for example by attending webinars or seminars from financial institutions such as banks and others; live broadcasts of several trusted financial planners on Instagram; and there are also educational programs from the government. Be diligent in looking for information to gain valuable financial knowledge.

  • Have Health Insurance
  • Making health insurance is the most appropriate choice for yourself, your parents, siblings and children. Having insurance gives you health coverage for inpatient care, outpatient care, childbirth and various other treatments.

    You can choose health insurance from the government, BPJS, or from the private sector which has been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

  • Reduce Consumptive Lifestyle
  • As a sandwich generation, you need to be strict in financial matters. If you've been feeling quite consumptive, then it's time to put the brakes on. The way to do this is to instill in yourself to always prioritize needs over desires. Try checking first whether all your needs have been met before fulfilling your wishes.

    Careful planning and discipline are the keys to getting out of problems when you become a sandwich generation. Continue to strengthen your motivation and look for various encouragement out there.

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