Serba-serbi Profesi Visual Designer yang Perlu Kamu Tahu

Things you need to know about the Visual Designer profession

When talking about a career in design, some people may only think of graphic designers. However, there are actually many designer professions that can currently be an interesting career choice, one of which is visual designer. This profession may be a little foreign to your ears, making you wonder how it is different from the graphic designers you usually encounter.

Well, visual designers themselves focus on the design that users will see on the screen. This is, for example, how to make the appearance of a website comfortable, attractive and easier for users. They will usually create web banner ads, email templates, landing pages , tabs or icons, and even button displays . Simply put, it is a combination of User Interface (UI) design and graphic design.

So, what's the difference with a web designer ? Both of them definitely have different job descriptions. Web designers are generally tasked with coding on websites , while visual designers do not touch that area.

You also need to know that the duties of a visual designer are not limited to just arranging websites. They usually also work on organizing applications, games, movies, wearable devices, and much more. From these various platforms, visual designers will create concepts, artwork and layouts based on requests from clients. They are required to work following the guidelines of a brand and then create a visual design that is able to display a strong and distinctive identity.

It doesn't just stop there, visual designers also design user-oriented interaction models. To complete a platform, they can also be assigned to design logos and infographics.

In carrying out their duties, visual designers need to collaborate with IT and business teams to find solutions to complex issues, for example related to interaction models and data visualization. It would be better if the visual designer also has basic coding skills so that it will make interaction with the IT team easier.

Starting to be interested in this profession? You can start trying it, especially if you are a design school graduate. Because, the majority of visual designers are those who have an educational background in design and are also experts in using the Adobe Creative Suite, especially InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. However, if you are not a design school graduate, you can still try this career option by taking the various design courses or classes available.

So, what abilities does a visual designer actually need ?

A visual designer must have an understanding of web design issues, including browser usability and cross-platform compatibility. Then, if explained specifically, a visual designer is required to have:

  • a strong foundation in typography, layout, and design;
  • problem solving ability;
  • experience with transitions, animation, motion graphics, and dynamic interaction ;
  • excellent visual, written, and verbal communication skills;
  • tendency for detail and organization, including the ability to prioritize tasks, communicate progress, and meet deadlines;​
  • ability to effectively take direction and work collaboratively and independently;

Those are the things about the visual designer profession that you need to know. This profession has great potential in the future along with the growing digitalization trend. Are you interested in trying it?

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