Tetap Produktif dan Kreatif dengan Menjaga Kesehatan Mental

Stay Productive and Creative by Maintaining Mental Health

Some people think that high productivity can bring satisfaction. Satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment tend to make a person feel good and filled with pride in what they did that day. Moreover, if this productivity is realized through creativity, it will certainly add to its own impression.

Unfortunately, this productivity is often misunderstood. As is quite a trend, productivity is characterized by continuous work activities, but not accompanied by sufficient rest time. Instead of being productive, it can actually lead you to mental health problems, such as stress and depression. When you experience several symptoms, for example irritability, excessive anxiety and worry, feeling hopeless, and low self-esteem, it could be an indication that you are experiencing mental health problems.

Therefore, when you have strengthened your determination to be productive and creative, must you also be aware of maintaining your mental health? How to?

Set Your Goals Every Day

By setting goals per day, you will get closer to feeling fulfilled. That said, nothing makes us feel better than feeling fulfilled and feeling proud for what we do.

Founder and trainer at a well-being company, Cate Murden, said she usually sets her goals to 5 Fs, namely Family, Finances, Fun, Focus, and Fitness. If you pay attention to these five aspects every day, they will help you achieve a balanced life. Not only productive but also mentally healthy.

Even so, you are still free to choose the daily goals you want to achieve. This goal must definitely lead you in a better direction.

Make Your Life More Enjoyable

Being productive doesn't mean you have to live a monotonous life. You can make it more enjoyable with the following things.

  • Experiment with Routines
  • Sticking to a routine really makes your activities more structured and feels like the norm. However, still try to experiment with this routine so that your life is more enjoyable and effective and efficient. For example, you can do this by analyzing the time of day when you feel most productive. Once you know it, try to start implementing it to maximize your time for work. Meanwhile, you can leave the rest for other aspects that can make your life more balanced.

  • Realize the Benefits of Music and Laughter
  • According to licensed mental health counselor, Shani Graves, listening to music can bring feelings of joy. In particular, classical music is known to improve mental health.

    Besides that, you can also listen to music while laughing about the past, which can also make your life happier. You can also take lessons from these memories.

  • Seeing Nature
  • Numerous studies have found that outdoor activities are one of the most effective ways to improve overall well-being. According to Patricia Farrell, a licensed clinical psychologist, the recommended activities are carried out in nature, such as beaches, mountains or plantations.

    Believe it or not, various studies have concluded that the color green has positive benefits, such as bringing harmony to life, emotional balance, refreshing the eyes and mind, as well as calming. That's why going out into nature, which is synonymous with green trees, can be an alternative for you to fill the gap while carrying out your routine.

    In addition, going into nature will help increase one's creativity. Just by walking, creativity will be stimulated and it can open many doors to interesting new possibilities for you.

  • Think Out of The Box
  • Every now and then try to get out of your comfort zone and start doing new things that you have never done before. For example, building a walking routine of 10 thousand steps per day to maintain health; read something different, cook a new recipe, and so on. Apart from helping your productivity in a unique way, this also hones your creativity.

    Create Work Boundaries

    When we get caught up in the term "productive" it usually makes you forget boundaries. However, creating boundaries is very important in order to be productive and stay mentally healthy. Try to say "no" to other people if it is outside your work obligations and focus on what is your main task.

    You also have to be firm about time matters, for example weekends are only spent for family or yourself, not for work. Take the time to get to know yourself and what you need to get better. Maintain these boundaries well, because once you relax them, it will wreak havoc on your productivity and mental health.

    Join your Field Community

    Are you often overcome by feelings of laziness? This condition makes you reluctant to start or easily gets bored so you become unproductive. So, to overcome this, you can join a community that works in your field. When you connect with lots of people who have similar interests, it can motivate you to be more active.

    Joining a community can also hone your creativity. Because you are directly exposed to other creative individuals so you can immediately imitate or discuss with each other.

    Have a Support System

    Don't forget that humans are social creatures. Therefore, one of the best ways to maintain mental health is to have a support system, whether from family, friends, and others. This support system doesn't have to be many, as long as it can support you, that's no problem.

    This support system is those you trust, who understand your situation, and who will listen to whatever you say without criticism or judgment.

    These are tips so that you can continue to be productive and creative without forgetting your mental health. Having a healthy mentality will bring you true productivity and creativity.

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