There's Nothing New Under The Sun: Menggali Inspirasi dari Segala Hal yang Telah Ada

There's Nothing New Under The Sun: Exploring Inspiration from Everything That Is

Most people believe that looking for inspiration is better than just waiting for it. That way, ideas or inspiration can come more quickly and come in more diverse forms. For example, a writer looks for inspiration by walking around the corners of the city and chatting with random people. He then got inspiration for a completely new story, according to him, namely life without sunlight in an alley in the capital.

Apart from that, there is also an opinion that artists are usually synonymous with new, creative ideas. They succeeded in capturing reality and expressing it in various works full of meaning. But behind that, these findings are nothing more than a form of creativity or innovation. As the saying goes " there's nothing new under the sun ", there is nothing truly new in this world. Like the sunless alley in Jakarta, it might indeed be something new for people outside Jakarta. However, for people who have lived there for decades, this is normal.

Like the story of the famous writer, William Shakespeare, whose name became legendary thanks to the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet. Many people think that the story was actually created by Shakespeare. In reality, he himself was inspired by stories written by other authors. And it's possible that other writers also took stories from other figures. This is like a cycle that repeats itself but comes in a different appearance. Just like the French saying, l'histoire se répète. This means that everything that happened in the past will or tends to happen again in a different way or form.

Therefore, in the creative process someone sometimes tends to use the observe, imitate and modify (ATM) method. This method is commonly used in the fields of design, writing, and so on. If explained, the term "observe" refers to the way someone observes to capture inspiration and then translate it into an idea. This inspiration can be found anywhere depending on how sharp someone is in finding it.

Then, "imitate" includes someone's learning process in order to realize ideas using the techniques they have. This process can be completed by following tips, strategies or methods from figures who are an inspiration. However, the imitation stage is not necessarily the same as inspiration. Because there is a modification process where innovation must be introduced to avoid plagiarism. In this case, innovation does not always involve new discoveries ( invention ), but can also take the form of breakthroughs to make work more aesthetic, practical, or other.

Although something truly new is almost difficult to create, creating things that look new is not impossible. The key is, you need to find inspiration and have the confidence to start. It all comes from your head, how far your mindset is able to move against feelings of disbelief towards the creation of a work.

Some world famous figures also tend to build self-confidence before producing great works, for example Mozart and Disney. There are three steps they usually take, namely (a) they see it (or hear it) in their heads; (b) they believe it themselves; (c ) and they created it. Therefore, in essence it requires a combination of desire, discipline and determination. Everyone basically has it all, it's just a matter of how they get it out.

Well, that's an explanation of how the saying " there's nothing new under the sun " becomes the essence of the search for inspiration. Even though everything has been created in this world, there are still many things we don't know. Therefore, keep looking for inspiration everywhere and turn it into works full of creativity.

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