Tiga Seniman Manga Panutan Stephanie Priscilla

Three Role Model Manga Artists Stephanie Priscilla

Stephanie Priscilla , an illustrator from Indonesia who lives in Singapore, has turned her hobby into a business venture.

Stephanie's current activity is selling merchandise that she designs herself. After experiencing personal struggle in determining her design direction, Stephanie decided to become a manga artist. In fact, in the past, Stephanie wanted to be a children's book illustration artist like Oliver Jeffers or Peter Rabbit. He was also comfortable with Disney's illustration style. After being faced with various choices, he believes that the evolution of the direction of art is real and always there. Not limited to trends, she says anime and manga remind Stephanie of nostalgic feelings. Check out this article to find out about the manga artists who have been Stephanie's role models in their work!

Ai Yazawa

A Manga writer from Japan who is usually called Yazawa with his famous works, "Nana", "Paradise Kiss", and many more. Yazawa himself received an education in the world of fashion after he finished school. But unfortunately he did not complete his education in the world of fashion. This has an impact on the anime that Yazawa works on, he often realizes that one of the identical anime characters he creates is always fashionable.

Known for his work on the anime " Nana ", until now there is no certainty about Yazawa's continuation in his career. In 2009, Yazawa was reported to have become ill and was forced to go on hiatus in the anime world. This means that the anime series "Nana" cannot be confirmed until this year.

Inio Asano

Inio Asano is a manga artist whose famous works are “ Solanin ”, “ Goodnight Punpun ”, “A Girl on the Shore”, and “ Nijigahara Holograph ”. The artist, born in 1980, is known for his designs with a realist character. In designing, the characters created by Inio Asano are often juxtaposed with the lifestyles of teenagers, starting from stories of friendship, education, to sex. His experiences as a teenager became a reference for building teenage characters in each of his works. Apart from that, the experiences of people around you are also a reference for building character. Because he wants to build a character not based on his own experience which will produce a single character.

Satoshi Kon

Kon is an animator who has been pursuing his career since he was in college. Satoshi Kon's first work was "Toriko" in 1984. One of his works in 2006 " Paprika " received various awards. Even though Kon has been away for 10 years due to cancer, his works still leave an impression to this day. Paprika itself is an adaptation of Yasutaka Tsutsui's fiction novel and is his final work.

Amazingly in 2020 Kon still received the Winsor McCay award. His work has also been recognized by the international organization, ASIFA-Hollywood. Even Charles Solomon on the Board of Directors of ASIFA-Hollywood considers Kon to be a talented artist. Not only Paprika, several anime by Kon are favorites, one of which is " Perfect Blue ", " Tokyo Godfathers ", " Millennium Actress ", and " Paranoia Agent ".

These three illustrators are Stephanie's role models for continuing to work in the world of anime and manga. From Stephanie's story, are you interested in entering the world of illustrator? Check out other articles on KARENA.ID !

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