Tips Sukses Berbisnis Langsung dari Pakarnya

Tips for Business Success Directly from the Experts

Published : 24 January 2023 Business trends continue to change from time to time. Starting from product types, market patterns, to business models, everything continues to change. Even so, some business people still succeed in sustaining their businesses for a long period of time, such as Apple founder, Steve Jobs or Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. In fact, both of them started their business from their garage, aka actually starting from scratch.

In fact, the success achieved by world businesspeople cannot be separated from the principles and values ​​they adhere to. Apart from that, other business people also apply special methods that make their businesses continue to last and grow.

For those of you who are planning to start a business, it is important to understand the business philosophy of those who are experts. Because that will be a guide for those of you who are still new to business. So, here are 10 tips for business success straight from the experts.

  • Passion is the Key
  • When doing business, most of your time will be spent thinking about it. So, the first key to building a successful business is having a strong passion for doing it. With passion , you have a love for your business so that even though various challenges arise, you will persist.

    Steve Jobs himself repeatedly emphasized that nothing is impossible if someone has passion. In fact, with passion someone can change the world in their way.

  • Don't bother thinking about creating something that doesn't exist in the world
  • Sometimes, some people get caught up in the meaning of innovation, namely that something created must be truly new and does not yet exist in the world. As a result, they need a long time to find it or even find a dead end.

    In fact, according to the Deputy President Director of BCA, Armand Hartono, rather than being trapped by the demands of newness for too long, it is better to try to find what already exists and connect it well. Remember the ATM method, observe, imitate and modify. Several business people have been proven to have successfully applied the ATM method to achieve success, for example those in the banking, electronics and so on.

  • Be Stubborn, but Flexible
  • In achieving business success, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has the principle of being stubborn in pursuing goals but flexible in how he does it. That is, if you are not stubborn, you will easily give up too quickly on your business experiments.

    However, the work method is flexible. Because if you don't, you will be stuck with things that may no longer be in line with the current times. Bezos said, it's like banging your head against a wall and you won't see another solution to the problem you're trying to solve.

  • Don't Try to Do It Yourself
  • Many big business people did not start their own businesses, Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, for example. You may act as the initiator of a business, but to run it you still need other people, it could be friends, family, or you open vacancies to the public.

    The presence of other parties will help you provide input, opinions when you encounter an impasse, and of course also help with your business operations. On the other hand, if you do it yourself, it is the same as creating a lonely world. It's like you're walking alone in a long, dark tunnel.

  • Stay Connected with the Latest Technology
  • Whatever your business, whatever its scale, it all requires the latest technology. This will help you be able to run your business effectively and efficiently. You can save more time, money and other resources. As a result, you can more easily target profits.

    In addition, staying connected to new technology can support you in making appropriate decisions, such as in drawing evaluation results or determining future business strategies.

  • Stop Using Social Media the Wrong Way
  • Turning out that using social media as a full-fledged sales medium is not recommended by business advisor and Co-founder, Otto Media Group, Wes Otto. He said, businesses need to stop the habit of continuously selling on social media. Because, marketing and sales are actually two different things.

    On social media, create and document content that provides value to your audience and builds good relationships with them. This could be in the form of industry insights, tips and tricks, or even educational videos. Try to convey knowledge about industry trends that you are currently working on. From this process, when the time comes for potential customers to make a purchase, they will choose your brand that they trust.

  • Take advantage of Google
  • You can also use Google My Business services to help manage your business. From this platform, you can do many things, such as displaying information about your business from address, opening/closing times, contacts, to links to your business website.

    In addition, it also allows sharing of photos and videos from customers. The existence of this information will help improve your business's SEO on Google so that it can reach the wider community.

  • Use the 60/20/20 Method for Time Management
  • Business advisor from the United States, Shawn Lynam, offers the 60/20/20 method for time management in running a business. First, use 60% of your time to focus on things that will add value to your business or things that other people can't do.

    Next, use 20% of your time for planning. This is the time to dedicate time to resources and also scheduling of business operations. Then, allocate the remaining 20% ​​to develop a business strategy. In the process, carry out evaluations to find ways to improve your business performance, customer impressions, and also profit models.

  • Committed to Continuous Learning
  • Regardless of how far you have come, there is actually still a lot to learn in order to achieve long-term success. Learning to do business yourself doesn't have to be at a formal level, you can also do it by taking part in various online training/classes, mentoring, government programs, and much more. Apart from that, studying via videos on the internet and reading books can also be an alternative for those of you who are looking for more flexible study time.

  • Learn the Habits of Successful Businesspeople
  • Most successful business people have certain habits that lead them to success. It's like fighting overthinking by starting to take action. Then, organize your relationships by leaving toxic friends and looking for a mentor in business. Then when you're tired, instead of forcing yourself to be productive, try to rest. Believe me, changing these habits will help change your life for the better.

    So, those are 10 tips for business success straight from the experts. Indeed, each person's path to achieving success will be very different, but if you look deeper, all successful business people almost have similar values ​​or business philosophies.

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